setting goals and taking names...sort of

2.5 weeks past Vermont City, 18 weeks from Chicago and where am I at? My IT Band has been a whiny little jerk since the marathon. First it was my calves. Typical. I'm a toe runner with a crazy flippy leg. Then almost as soon as I got confirmation from Chicago that I could register as part of The American Development Program, my IT band was all, "Pay attention to meeeeeEE!"

So the return to running has been a bit of a stutter start. I've been paying a lot of attention to my IT band issue and it's getting better. I even went so far as to take a hot bath and stretch for 15 minutes before running on Sunday. Full-on crazy runner behavior. I went 7 and felt great.

The only lingering affects from the marathon aside from the cranky IT band is an overall feeling of fatigue. I don't know how to describe it other than I feel like I'm wrapped in gauze when I start running. Really fuzzy, and floaty. Like I haven't eaten enough, even though I have.

Yesterday I made the mistake (for the 753rd time) of eating extra spicy Pad Thai for lunch. My afternoon run was interrupted a few times before I decided that almost pooping my pants on a 6 mile run was really not acceptable to me. I had no idea where the next port-a-potty was and squatting in people's front lawns is generally frowned upon. Or so I've heard... So I called my husband to come get me. Yes, he's a really lucky man.

Speaking of poop, someone tweeted this blog post, "The Awful Truth About Jogging", at me and it's a pretty hilarious read. Also when I couldn't find it to link here, I Googled 'running poop blog' and this questionably even more hilarious blog came up. Seriously this sport is so ... beautiful.

Other than that it's going well...

Week One
6/26 - Run marathon! Celebrate with the family in Burlington
6/27 - Rest
6/28 - Rest, travel back to Seattle after stuffing my face with lobster

6/29 - Rest
6/30 - Accepted to ADP Chicago, rest but start to feel even more antsy...
6/31 - Rest, drive to Maryhill with Owen for sunny weekend of camping, wine and bocce ball
6/1 - Easy 3 or 4 at Maryhill State Park

i love the drive to maryhill
first run post marathon, from tent to church and back
followed by some serious bocce battle in my man repeller dress
Week Two
6/2 - Rest
6/3 - Easy 3, calves still shot. Frustrated.
6/4 - Rest
6/5 - Easy :30
6/6 - Bike to work (1:30) + Run 4 miles + Bike home (1:15) + Gym
6/7 - Easy 4
6/8 - Rest, IT band issues, literally slept all day

Week Three
6/9 - Easy 7 (:30 active stretching with rope)
6/10 - Easy 4, punctuated by bathroom stops
6/11 - Easy 7 with drills, pushups, plyo
6/12 - easy or off
6/13 - spin class 6am + afternoon jog with drills, pushups, plyo
6/14 - easy or off
6/15 - Easy 5

I'm new to coming back to training post marathon. I'm being patient and listening to my body. I go easy when I need to, and I don't look at my pace.

I know my goal is lofty, so I am filling in my schedule with lifting, stretching and drills. I will keep them even as my mile ramps back up. I emailed my coach about my goal, he emailed back, "if you can handle the training, you can run the time." Gulp. I have a few more days of running by feel. We have a rare chance to meet next week at USA Champs in Iowa (I'm spectating obviously!) and then the work begins.

How do you come back after 26.2? Any tips?


  1. So glad you're running Chicago! 17 more weeks!


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