goodbye summer

 {alternate title: what i did on summer vacation}

Friday morning it arrived. Sure we might have a few flashback days. But fall is here. I can feel it, see it, taste it. Usually I'm sad, inconsolable. But this year, I lived this summer to the fullest. I'm satisfied with everything summer brought and I'm ready for the next season's possibilities.

Before I move on...let's look back in what I like to call blogger-style-living-room-slideshow-captivity. You might need a drink or at least an intermission:

1. Running, Racing, Rushing.
So much running, racing ... and rushing to bridal festivities
bridal shower double with a race....
racing to bridal activities....
2. Totally Trials
In June I went to the Olympic Trials! I watched almost every single event, live. Amazing. A week of complete track bliss. Every night we'd head back to our house to blog about the day and talk shop. 

I was also burning wedding cds every night, booking hair and nail appointments in Vermont, and finishing up wedding details from afar. 

My sister came out to watch the events too. As my kick ass maid of honor she even squeezed in a bachelorette part (combined with Lesko's birthday party) on one of the track and field rest days.

It was such a busy, invigorating, inspiring, beautiful, (wet) week. I wish I could live it all over again. I have Oiselle, Leskos, and Sally to thank for this amazing time in Track Town.
olympic trials!!
in the beautiful eugene summer rain.
met amy hastings AND joan benoit...

track town fever!
got hang out with my sissy
3. Runner's World Belly
At the Trials we also pulled together a photo for the upcoming issue of Runner's World. My sister shot me in the new NYC Marathon Tote and it was sent to the presses straight from Hippy House's giant dining/media table.

4. Runway Debut
Fashion show, MCHammer, Totally Trials bash! I worked my first runway with all the beautiful, buff women of Oiselle! I still have stage light high...what a crazy experience!
got to work the runway and meet mchammer (#totallytrials)
5. Wedding Week!
The next morning after the Totally Trials party, Owen dropped me off at the PDX airport and I flew to Vermont. I arrived at midnight and the whirlwind that was wedding week took off!

A complete blur of frantically starting and wrapping up everything I'd ignored while focusing on the Olympic Trials Oiselle party. Including laying out the ceremony, making programs, finalizing seating cart, writing every place card, writing vows, tying about a million yards of raffia ribbon on cds, programs, place cards, local squirrels... wait... that can't be right? I was crazy. It was like owning a craft business I never wanted. But by Wednesday when my friends and husband-to-be arrived I was done with the insanity and ready for three days of fun with everyone!

wedding week!
this picture sums up being a bride: me after 4 straight days of wedding crafts. "where's my raffia? or wine?"
Yes I skipped a number, because I hate numbers and we got married on July 7th, so this is the 7th thing that I did this summer :)

The day was perfect and not because of the weather or the table settings or the food. Although those things were PERFECT. It was perfect because the day was full of love. I could feel it emanating. I could feel the strength and support of everyone there. Blessing the day and blessing our lives, the choice we were making to be each other's partner for the our days on earth.

I married the man I love and then celebrated with my family! Both the family that I was born to and all the family I've found in this world.
my favorite headband ever

love, love, love

i danced the lace right off the bottom of my dress #success
8. Honeymoon Adventure VT - MA - ARUBA

We started in Vermont
second dinner as married folk: american flatbread pizza

 Drove down to Rockport Mass, my third spiritual home on earth ;)
 Then jetted off to Aruba!
the dinner guests were a little different here

living the resort life
 One day I could NOT take the resort life anymore so I rented us the cheapest car at Avis and we got the H outta there. Got lost all over the island. I loved it!



steeples under sun
coastal ruins

this fish is WAY fresher than that resort junk

local beach
9. Gorge in George
Immediately upon return to Seattle, I was restless, so we joined our friends for the Journey + Pat Benetar  concert at the Gorge. If you live in WA, you have to go to the Gorge at least once or it's not summer. That's a rule.

10. Hood to Coast! Recap here.

11. I got to spend so much quality time with my Oiselle family!
hanging with sally's clan, leskos, and fleshman flyer

dinner out with the birds including kate grace!
12. Bumbershoot!
That means umbrella and music. And people over 17 going to a M83 show.

13. Escaping to Maryhill State Park/Winery. I made a little summer sandwich out of my favorite WA escape.
bocce ball at mary hill winery (escaped to mary hill twice, once the week before summer, once at the end)
i won in may, lost in august (but who's keeping track, right?)
chowing on fresh crab brought over by a neighbor camper
my rave run
29. Ya know, cause I turned 29 somewhere between Aruba and Seattle. 

30. WRAP IT UP you nutso blogger....

friday 9/21 sent summer off with a blessing from father john misty himself


  1. Totally epic summer, indeed. Great recap photos and congrats on getting married!

  2. That was definitely worth a few minutes out of my day to read! Summer's just starting here, so your photos are getting me excited!


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