I resigned from Haute Volée this week. You can read all about it on Oiselle's blog, because honestly it was hard enough to write about once. 

So what's next? SacTown 10 Mile is what! And although it would be hard to top the last time I raced in Sacramento, I'm so excited to return to this city to race. I'm starting to feel the pieces of my training come together, and my fitness make that turn. My goal is to race my guts out, and chase that top 5.

After SacTown, I'll be staying local. There are so many great races in the PNW, I know it will tons of fun! Sound to Narrows is a must especially now that I can warm up to the starting line. And I'm sure I'll fill in a few other dates. Open to suggestions if you have a favorite!


  1. I'm excited to see where life and running takes you next Sarah. Are you training for shorter stuff (I guess meaning anything less than a marathon) or do you have a goal marathon too?

  2. Looking forward to reading about all of your new adventures!

  3. Yessss Sound to Narrows!! It is SUCH a great race- those hills are killer but I think you'll really enjoy it.


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