Ever had a week where everything is just a liiiiiittle bit off? I am not wishing for one big catastrophe, but I almost feel like I have a harder time dealing with small paper cuts all day than if I just lobbed off half my finger all at once.

Take yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment in Seattle at 7:30am. That alone (for whatever reason) set a domino row of logistics off for me. I needed to 10 x 400s in, and talk to a client at 5:15am (time zone problems), and figure out how to work for a few hours along with all the other small life tasks like feeding the two humans that live with me and taking care of the 2 year old.

Heather offered to watch the 2 year old in the waiting room. I decided we’d drive Owen in to the office. And I booked a babysitter from 10am – noon for the workout. Solid, right?

But here’s what really happened.

5:15AM – 6:15AM phone call
6:15AM throw (half asleep) PJ and all of our bags (food, clothes etc) in the car.
6:45AM get in annoying hissing marital fight about why I would prefer to use Google Maps over Waze to avoid traffic.
7:20AM park at Pacific Place … realize I forgot to pack PJ’s shoes.
7:25AM meet Heather (2 year old in footie jammies in tow) realize I forgot to change PJ’s diaper. Hope that 12 hour diapers really mean 16.
7:30AM go to doctor (hear about how my heart thing is no laughing matter, yada, yada)
8:30AM breakfast.

9:30AM text the babysitter a whole bunch about the shoes we forgot.
10AM get ready for babysitter to meet us at Heather’s.
10:30AM start to worry I effed something up while PJ tries to get into EVERYTHING in Heather’s house (sorry Heather).
11AM no word, scroll up in texts, realize I booked her for Thursday
…. internal swearing, call Trax to laugh/cry about what a dumbass I am
11:07AM throw (a very crabby) PJ in the car to go find consignment store shoes, listen to Elmo’s Song for the 7th time that day.
NOON: get PJ dressed for the day (finally) and head downtown to get lunch with Owen.
1PM: get enormous coffee, and drive back to Tacoma while listening to classical Christmas music (toddler-screamed request).

2PM: circle 5 mile drive while PJ naps.
3PM: go to the zoo in the rain. Try to get PJ to stay in the tropical fish section as long as possible.
5PM: run to store for frozen pizza, because I realized I did nothing about feeding the humans.
5:55PM: Owen gets home via bus/uber… to a sad pizza for dinner #wifewin
5:56PM: head out to run 8 soggy miles alone in the dark. At .25 I say just do 6. I end up with 7.75 and head in to give PJ a kiss before she goes to bed.
7PM: Shower and go “into the office”

Even typing it, it’s not that bad! But I feel like everyday this week has just been one beat off rhythm. One pair of shoes, one day, one mile off. Maybe I just need a nap? Or another 3 cups of coffee.


  1. u just described what would have been the hardest day of my life.
    (doffs hat, accidentally drops it into bowl of nacho cheese resting on my stomach)


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