Halfway(ish) through the self motivated #hitresetstreak! Full disclosure: I missed two days. I made up one session the next day but not the other one. Keeping it real! Over all I'm really loving the streak and am looking at the next two weeks to set the tone for 2017!

A handful of random observations:
  1. I am obsessed with 5-Minute Neck Reset. Surprise side affect? Mood lifter! When I'm really stressed and feel my shoulders creeping up, up, up to my ears. I pause and hit that 5-Minute Neck Reset. Immediately I stop feeling like a ticking time bomb and more like a rational human able to breathe deeply and think more clearly. I can do this routine (?) by heart now and do it all the time. 
  2. Checking off my reset for day often sets a positive, motivated tone for the rest of my day. Those first few days it really pulled me out of my rut of feeling overwhelmed by how out of shape I'd gotten and how beat up I felt and motivated me to keep making other small steps to climb out of the hole. 
  3.  I'm reminded to simmer down, be patient and gentle with myself and to respect the journey I'm on. There is no overnight fix, and maybe it's not about fixing at all!   
  4. I am really, really bad at yoga selfies. Hope you enjoy that picture of my TV. Which... BTW Chromecast or AppleTV FTW. Love doing Jasyoga on the big(ger) screen ( perched on that IKEA stand I really want to burn in the backyard).
  5. Six new videos just landed including a Couch Reset! Yes. Yes.
Okay 16 more days to go! My goal for the second half is to get in more 15 minute + videos — at least 3 a week. Let's do this! 


  1. I'm in love with the new videos; the Couch Reset is so great! Also, How have I never done the neck reset? I do the shoulder one often, so I really need to try this out! Thanks for the suggestion!


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