Last night Owen stayed in Seattle to go to a Snoop Dogg + Bone Thugs-n-Harmony concert with friends. True statement. That happened.

I was excited to have a night to myself. Plan? A longer Jasyoga video. Podcasts and sugar cookie making. Also to work on an article that was due in 48 hours. Basically nerd stuff.

Thursday and Friday I have no childcare. I scheduled it as my rest day, I’m not pushing a stroller in the snow, and settled in to enjoy a special day with my two-year-old. What’s special? Returning stuff at the mall, frozen pizza dinner, ya know the stuff memories are made of. To redeem myself we also played in the snow, went on a Christmas light walk, and had a kitchen dance party. I also got to enjoy a full day of disagreeing on (nearly) every single moment. Yes, you have to wear shoes. No, you can't jump on the couch. And so on. 

Happier times
Flash forward to 9pm. In the 7th circle of hell. There are cookies burning. There is a Running on Om podcast being paused and restarted. There is a child screaming her head off every time I leave her room.


Because the snow is trying to come inside.
Her imaginary dog bit her and she needs a band-aide
She has boogers
Her sheet is wet
She doesn’t want her baby
She needs a baby sister from the store right NOW
She needs to eat a cookie
A glass of milk
She needs to have a popsicle in “mama’s crib”

She needs mama to have a popsicle to feel better
She needs dada to kiss her
Her tiny tree is too far
Too close
Too bright
Her farts hurt

Anyway, this is why I missed a day of my #hitresetstreak. Unless crying in the fetal position next to her crib counts as child’s pose.

And yes she was up at 4:15 AM.


  1. As mom to a 2.5 year old and 5.5 year old, I like this and live this a little too much! And yes, I have done planks on my kids' bedroom floors while waiting for them to fall asleep. Multi tasking?


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