I believe in the off-season. But I also have a very hard time with it. I’m very all or nothing, all the rules or none of the rules. That means off-season often ends up as a free-for-all that leaves me feeling more exhausted than I did during my peak training weeks. This life of wine covered brownies does have a silver lining though, I get so sick of myself and my butt imprint on the couch, that I can barely wait for the routine and discipline of training.

But after this off-season (3 weeks) I tried to return to running only to find myself very, very beat up. I was limping home after 2.5 miles. Surprise, surprise! All those painful imbalances didn’t right themselves after a hard 26.2 and three weeks of Ben & Jerrys on my couch. So weird, right?

Confused, I thought, maybe I should just add another week to off season. But after a few attempts I just couldn’t crawl back into my eating pants. I was so, so sick of myself. I needed to adjust my December plan. It wasn’t time to get back to base building mileage quite yet, it was time to get into foundation building. In case it’s not obvious, I know nothing about houses so in this analogy the foundation building is the planning, design, and digging part and ground packing part. Basically lining up the firm foundation to put the first wall skeleton. And the wall skeleton is mileage.

The new December plan? Running every other day to stay sane, working with a PT to figure out the pinched feeling in my right groin (?) and outer hip, returning to the exercise list that got me to NYC standing up, and I'm challenging myself to a #hitresetstreak. I’ve found no better translator between me and my body than Jasyoga, and every time I actually commit daily time to Hit Reset I can feel the difference. It’s time to break up the strange, rigid alliances my body is delicately leaning on. Some walls might need to come down to build a more solid house.

At first I thought I’d Julie and Julia my way through the month doing every single video. But now my plan is to take what I know I need to work on while also listening everyday to what my body needs. And to find at least one video a week that I’ve never done. Like yesterday I did Hip Strength/Stability. So good. I'll also use routines from Hit Reset Book. Only rule? Must commit at least 5 minutes a day. 

I’m looking ahead to January 1st, knowing that I can create a lot of positive change in 31 days when I actually do the work every day. I saw it in 3.5 weeks before NYCM, I believe, and now I just need to remind myself of that every day. You in?


  1. I needed to see this! I took three weeks off after my last race and was, like you, surprised that all my injuries hadn't magically gone away! I'm back running, but very carefully and with the support of yoga, foam rolling and other forms of exercise. It's great to rediscover my love of the sport through just running therapy miles (I just lost my job, so times are tough) and getting out there with my athletics club. You've inspired me though to actually set some accountability... maybe yoga, maybe pilates or something else like that!

  2. I felt like that after NYC too. Still trying to find my way back into a groove again!

  3. YEP! I am so in! I'm so thankful to you for sharing your "off season" experience, eating pants and all; and here I was thinking that I was alone in my post-race indulgent behavior - ha! Sometimes, I forget that elite (or faster-than-I'll-ever-be) runners are mortals, too. I have spent lots of $$ in a PT's office, only to hear pretty much the same things over and over; Jasyoga has really helped me hone in on those imbalances and, because I love Erin and the videos so much, I'm always motivated to stick with them (unlike my PT exercises). You'll be ready to go again before you know it, Sarah!

  4. I love your blog! I am glad to see an elite runner like yourself working on those PT and yoga exercises and decreasing your mileage. I was advised to do the same, but it makes me so nervous to decrease my mileage. We all love running everyday, don't we? Great to see an elite like you doing the same for the month of December! I am loving the Jasyoga #hitresetstreack - exactly what so many of us need this month!

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I am 9mo postpartum w/ my third baby and I keep trying to get back out there, but my body is just angry. I have decided to join with you in your December goals- take care of the basics so that I can reach my goals for 2017! Thanks again for the much needed reminder! Blessings!


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