I’m tapering. Bringing the story of the last three months to a fine point. I’ve got my eyes focused (softly) on November 6th.

This is the time to look back at the training and find all the silver linings. To remember the strong moments. Really remember how they felt and why. Channel those. To find the mantra to pound out.  Channel that. Not to dull the point with wouldacoudashoudas. Dismiss those.

On the other side of the finish line we can talk pros and cons, what went wrong and right, how to get better. But right now is a time to look at only the pros, and build up ourselves mentally and physically. To remember to how lucky we are to get to run for fun, what a wonderful privilege to be able to spend hours of weeks sharpening our bodies to see how fast we can run the miles.

Breathe in, breathe out. And hand me a F$%&ing bagel.


  1. So excited for you and can't wait to cheer for you as I stream the marathon coverage from a treadmill in Colorado!

  2. As far as I know, you are only capable of greatness. Go get it!

  3. You're incredible!! Thank you for sharing your journey. We're all cheering you on!


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