It was a dark and rainy Sunday morning. I'd just finished a long workout on the Foothills Trail. I took a sink shower in the cold, grimy trail bathroom and pulled out the best change of clothes from my backpack. Fresh Oiselle, still in the bag. The Tall Classic Lesley Tights. Yesss.

I pulled those tights up, and hello, tights! Like actual ankle covering tights. Tights are typically long crops on me. (Humble brag?) Not so with the Tall Classic Lesley Tights. In fact, I usually size up as far as possible to get my tights longer. But in Lesley, I'd somehow ordered a 2 (I'm a 4) and they were still long enough

Quick stats: I'm just under 5'10", I'm not 'all legs' but have to buy long/tall in all my pants (J.Crew, Topshop, Gap...).

I got in my car, and texted Sally immediately. I believe the text was... "this season's Lesley Tights are sexy AF!!" Because they are. They have this smooth, svelte feel to them. A very all business, technical fabric feel. They have a secure hug and are so beyond opaque you could squat all damn day and never see through. They come up high, hitting right where I personally find pants to be most flattering. Plus they come in tall, petite and regular for a perfect fit.

Honestly, I didn't even notice the stitching was reflective until maybe the third time I wore them. But of course Lesley would have that saucy little after dark secret. 

Does a booty good too...accidental gratuitous butt shot

Despite their debut as my post-workout pants, these are my business tights. These are the tights I wear when I want to feel my toughest before a workout. These will be my go-to running tights in the winter. They aren't my errand running pants (Moto), they aren't my yoga pants (Flow), and they aren't my cross-training pants (Black Widow) these are my BA running tights. 

I will say to fully maximize the reflective seam, you need to wear a shorter top or tuck it in in the back. That booty U gets covered by most shirts, but when you need that max reflection it's dark anyway, so no one will judge you for your weird backwards shirt tuck.  


Note: if you're unfamiliar with Oiselle Straight Scoop check out this origin blog and links to other Straight Scoops.


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