Tuesday, midday, I peeked ahead to see what was on deck for Wednesday's workout. My first training block with a goal race in months. Just a peek and I shut that screen fast. I knew I'll need a good dinner and an early bedtime. My knees were still bugging me from pushing it too hard with the stroller last Thursday so I also focused some roller time on my calves and hammies that night after my strides. 

Here's what this first Workout Wednesday looked like in real life...

Melatonin and bed, fell asleep hard. I've been sleeping 6 hours a night too many nights/weeks in a row. I'm trying to play catch up.

Screams of mama, mama, mama from PJ's room. I stumble down the hall to find her drenched in her jammies, shaking. She starts saying, "it's okay, it's okay" mimicking my comforting words before I can even say them. Pee and poop all over her and the sheets. Too many berries the day before?

Lights on, wipe down, new jammies, new sheets, sniff test all the animals in bed, load the washer, get her milk to calm back down. We attempt to cuddle in my bed so her mattress can dry. She asks for story after story. 

I find a new sheet and make her crib back up, cuddle her in the rocking chair in the dark. Tell more stories. More milk. Lay her down with the stuffed animals that escaped pooplosion. And stumble back to my bed. 

So much for extra sleep. 

The PJ alarm is going off, yelling mama, mama!! We're up for the day. At least we both got an extra hour in the morning. 

I have a launch for a client, so it's Sarah & Duck for PJ while I push the assets live. Make her a smoothie, make coffee and oatmeal for me.  

Get her ready for a day at her grandparents, play, pack bags, get dressed. 

Ship her off to the grandparents for the day. Wednesday is my only full day of childcare. Finally eat the oatmeal cold and clean the kitchen. 

Finally look at the workout for real and map the route on Google Maps. Still getting a feel for my new city. Workout is 2 mile WU, 5 mile tempo (6:05s), 4 mins rest, 6x :30/:60 on/offs, 2 mile CD. Gulp, feels over my head. Try to convince my nerves that they are excitement. Decide to run down to Ruston Way to get on the flat, the hills in my 'hood have been beating up my legs

Take some time to digest oatmeal, drink water, plan the day, do laundry...and some fear based dragging of feet. 

9:30AM - 9:45AM
A shot of espresso and Jasyoga Align your Stride


Out the door. 

The warmup is pretty much straight down hill, I run the steepest grades backwards. Get to Ruston Way path and have another .5 before I need to start. Legs are feeling heavy, and beat up. Remind myself that doesn't mean much. 

Garmin beeps the 2nd mile, and I start dropping the pace. Trying to settle into the 6:05 goal pace for the 5 miles. 

6:00, 6:09, 5:59, 6:00, 5:59

Still learning how to feel out the right pace, I don't like looking at my watch every millisecond so run mostly based on feel and check in occasionally.

The :30 pickups feel awkward at first, but then like a nice relief. And the cool down is straight up hill. Oomph. 

Done with workout, time to make like Rihanna and work, work, work, work. 

Pick PJ up, make dinner. 

Owen is home and I leave for second run, 4 mile shuffle

Jasyoga Booty Lock Mitigation. I'm off PJ bedtime duty because Owen works late tomorrow. Trade!

More work, work, work, work and a huge helping of Risotto and steamed kale (+ ice cream bar). 


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