When I visited Steph in April a big goal was to meet with her PT and develop a plan to deal with the weakness and imbalance I've been ignoring for years since I broke my back and since my pregnancy, c-section and diastasis recti diagnosis. I reached a place in my training where I felt like I was a beat up car with the bumper and muffler duct taped on, rattling down the highway at 80 MPH when it was clear I shouldn't go over 30. 

I've dealt with my share of injuries and I feel a visceral repulsion to PT diagram print outs. The tedious extra work is so boring, I get hives of impatience just thinking about it. Words like "engage your core" are like sedatives. But I really want to run faster and I know the little tiny, never break a sweat work is key to getting above this plateau. And even more important to me, it's key to running healthy for a long time. 

In case you didn't pick up on it, I'm really bad at actually doing the work. So I make chart and stuck it by my front door to keep me honest.
Yes, there is a back side. Yes, it looks similar.
Clearly I didn't knock it out of the park, but I did consistently berate myself ... I mean... I did consistently do the work. At least 3 x a week. Which is a baby step in the direction I need to go. 

I drew another chart today. Blank slate! Added some bonus exercises just to keep it spicy. Here's my public proclamation to you, 7 readers of my blog, I will fill in At least.

Feel free to needle me about it on Twitter! Or join in yourself! It's the Get Strong --> Go Long plan of attack.


  1. After two years of dealing with a tight hip flexor, I FINALLY went to see my PT in March. Turns out it was/is all related to a stomach surgery I had six years ago and the surgery moved all of my internal organs (what!? I know.) which has placed a stress point on my hip flexor. I'm in a very similar boat, I don't necessarily want to deal with the stuff I know I need to do, but I also want to run fast again and not feel tightness and pain after every long run. I love the chart - that's something I would do too! Good luck!

  2. I love your chart. That is a great idea. I have SI joint issues that I (should) do. I'm totally going to rip you off. Coloring things in is a good motivator. Thanks!


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