This January I sat down to make my goals for the year, but in the area of running I kept coming up with nothing. I had just qualified for the Olympic Trials. Realistically, for a runner of my ability, wasn't that the top?

Five weeks ago I walked away from the Marathon Trials in LA fired up after a unsatisfying race, but without aim. I needed to take time off and recover. I took two weeks off (except for one burn-it-down-5-mile sanity run) and have started back slowly under Steph's coaching. It's very much felt like the off-season. Wine, staying up late (watching TV) and all the loafing around one can muster with a huge life transition and a toddler.  

Whiskey and theater, our one night out
This weekend capped off my interest in the true off-season mentality. Always important to get it out of the system. I'm ready to start training. My first goal is to get solid. To deal with nagging little pains and imbalances. To get a solid base to push off from. But the next big scary goal? I haven't sharpened the focus on one yet. 

Stroller running, feel the burn
PJ and I are making the pilgrimage to visit Steph in Flagstaff this Saturday. I'll be seeing her body work guy for treatment, assessment and to build a (much needed) strength plan. And I imagine we'll sit down and discuss what's next.

I can't wait to see what this Flagstaff life is all about and hang with Steph and her boys. Ben will be off racing, so it's just us and the tots...#flagstaffsisterwives! Hashtag needs refining. I have a feeling Riley just might be PJ's spirit animal. Tune in to all social media channels for the unavoidable cuteness/insanity overload that only three kids under two can bring. 


  1. It sounds like you are finding your way back into training. I'm excited to see the next step for you. I've always wanted to visit Flagstaff!


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