Time flies when you're training for your unicorn race.  In just 7 days I'll be standing on the starting line of the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon in LA. (knocking on all wood reachable). I feel that LA air. Midmorning, the day still cool but warming. And over a hundred woman jam packed, silent, fingers on watches and lucky necklaces, ready to start. My teammates here and there around me, ready to fly. 

Nearly nine weeks since I crossed the finish line at CIM on December 6th, running a 2:42:36 and qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon. 

Eight (and a half) weeks since the standard changed from sub 2:43 to 2:45, meaning I was in by more than skin of my teeth. 

Eight weeks since I started this training block with a 3 mile hobble. 

Four weeks since training semi-paused and moved to the pool for a week to deal with old person walking to work problems (slipped on ice causing epic fall and barely could walk knee issues). 
Hospital shorts are so hot right now.
Two weeks since I danced around my house in my top secret Oiselle elite kit. 

One week (four hours and 7...6 minutes...) until the gun goes off in Los Angeles!!

Weeks in block: 9 (8 as of today) 
Average weekly mileage: 49
Highest mileage week: 62.7
Lowest mileage week: 34.6
Worst workout: Lap swim on Friday night January 8th. You know you're a shitty swimmer when the lifeguard yells down, "Honey, do you know the breast stroke?" and you (while trying not to throw up all the pool you've been drinking) have to admit that yes, you do but your knee won't bend that way. 

The other hard workout that wasn't soul crushing in the way that the pool is, was 2 x 6 mile tempo with a mile jog between on January 27th. First 6 goal pace: 6:10 - 6:05, second 6: 6:05 - 5:55. Actual last two miles ... 6:07, 6:08. Cold and gray, and by the end very hard. But mostly my mental game was weak, and it reminded me that while the last 10 feet of every marathon is THE BEST. The 26.1999 miles are hard and my mental game needs to be primed. 

I used the 4 mile shakeout at 7pm in torrential downpour to sharpen that mental game. I also bribed myself with picking up a cheeseburger on the run home, the bag practically disintegrated in the rain. The tough days are grow days. 

Best workout: 8 x mile at cruise with 1 min jog rest on February 3rd. Started at 6:11s and cut down to 6:05s. Just felt smooth despite cold and wind. This workout should feel smooth. It was a relief after the week before. 

This training block has had its ups and downs and MRIs, on race day I'll be the collection of these miles and my story so far. I keep reminding myself I can only be me and it's enough. I'm going to be present in the experience and collect the moments as memories from that time I ran the Olympic &*$^ Trials. 

"We will take the best parts of ourselves and make them gold." 


  1. Good luck!!! I'll be there cheering for you!

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  3. I'll be cheering for you over here. I know you are going to have a great race, you've been working hard. Training in the pool stinks no matter what...plus you always have a lifeguard watching you (whose probably secretly judging to begin with).

    1. Judgey lifeguards! I just kept sneaking in some aqua jogging until a dude almost mowed me over. Awkward running pool. Thank you for the cheers!

  4. This is so exciting! Mickey and I will be cheering for you!!!!

  5. This is so exciting! Mickey and I will be cheering for you!!!!

  6. Soak in every moment! I am so excited to watch from afar and wish you all the luck in the world. As a former high school standout who struggled collegiately with injuries and post-collegiately with doubt, your blog has inspired me not to give up on my goals, and to forge ahead without fear. Please know you have touched so many people that you haven't even met! And we are all rooting for you, but we all know that you've already won, by virtue of your place on the starting line. Enjoy every step, every second.

    1. If running brings you joy, keep fighting for it! Even if you're an old lady of 32 ;) when you realize your dreams... they are probably even sweeter for wait. Thank you! Thank you!

  7. Good luck! I'll be cheering for you!

  8. Good luck! Hope it's an amazing experience for you! I'll be cheering from the east coast!

  9. Good luck, Sarah! I've been enjoying following your journey (and the super cute photos of PJ).

    -Kaitlin, a runner from BTV, VT.

  10. I'm so very excited to cheer for you tomorrow!!! Best of luck!


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