...but I'm going to live!

Awkward ostrich ice broccoli dancing update! My knee is on the mend. I'm running through. I'm running again.

The MRI showed a lot of reasons I was in pain (pre-arthritis, fluid, a badly bruised fibula head...) but it's pain not injury as they say. And as soon as I could run through the pain without it affecting my stride, I was back on the pavement. Running on it. Not eating it. 

It was a setback but mostly it was a flashback. It all felt too familiar. Running high! Followed by running low. Out of the blue. Like sitting across from my coach at CSU finally making the cut and joining the team only to be a big accident the next morning and spending the rest of spring in a back brace. 

Maybe it was Mercury Retrograde making me relive the past and learn from it. Maybe I didn't appreciate running enough. Maybe I shouldn't walk to work before 6am. Maybe I should move to a climate with no ice. 

I guess what I'm saying is...


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  2. Best. Movie. Ever. And great news on the knee.

  3. That is great news Sarah. Happy training and nearly taper to the trials.


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