Going to California ... International Marathon

Just three weeks out from California International Marathon! Goal: run the OTQ Marathon B Standard. Ahh feels like yesterday I finished Bellingham Bay half marathon and thought, why the hell not me?! Well it's actually been 7 weeks, and they flew by.
Every day I'm shuffling
Weeks in block: 10 (7 down as of today) 
Average weekly mileage: 49
Highest mileage week: 67
Lowest mileage week: 44
Worst workout: 4 x 1000/400 in the rain sick and alone. Also almost pooped my shorts in front of entire high school football team. Did I mention it was only a 4 x 1000/400 workout? Okay good.
Best workout: 4 x 2 mile at MP, 2:00 rest. Done a little less than 4 out. Was the best because it was the first glimmer of hope that 6:11 miiiight be possible and was done after a big week. Felt easy when it shouldn't have.

This training block has been pretty consistent in its tone. I took it mile by mile and no workout really felt easy or like, oh yeah, I'm so gonna nail that 2:42:__. But nothing felt way off. Have gradually climbed from my first week at 44 miles with a 14 mile LR to last week at 67 with a 22.
Post run rock hunt
An unexpected low was a date mix up. In my excitement to get training I loaded up the left column of my training doc with the weeks/dates until CIM and told Steph Bruce let's do this! Only to realize on November 1 that I'd put the dates in wrong, and we had one less week than we thought. But she loaded up the past two weeks with solid work and I should never touch numbers. 

Seriously serious
Hotel is booked, tickets bought, peak weeks have started ... it's on. I'm happy I'm taking the chance. My life and training are night and day compared to Chicago 2012. But that's a blog for another day. Or not. I'm interested to see where the cards fall on this training block and this race.


  1. Good Luck! I have really enjoyed following your journey back into running after having your daughter. I too really struggled with finding time to run, or do anything other than feed my kid for the first 1.5yrs of her life.

    I'm FINALLY training for my first post partum half, and i'm LOVING IT. My daughter will be 2 a few days before Christmas, so it has taken me a long time to get back into it - but i guess it just wasn't the right time for me until now.

    Good Luck at CIM!

  2. I'm excited to see how it goes for you. Good luck Sarah.

  3. Norwegian runner floolowing your blog. Wish you the best of luck!


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