ready or not, it's race time

I signed up for the Rock n Roll Seattle Half Marathon a few months ago. It's my first A race since Chicago 2013. And training has been very different than in the past. I can explain it best like this:
In case you couldn't tell these are handdrawn I added the pen
I'm training 5 days a week. One workout, one long run, two rest days. All the moms out there will just want to shake me* when I say it... but still not sleeping more than 4 hours a time 99% of my nights. (*Moms will want to shake me because a. duh, get over it none of us are sleeping either or b. duh, get that sh*t under control and sleep train like a boss)

That was a lot of number talk. Basically I'll have a couple decent weeks, then a really good week that gets me so fired up and then abruptly eat doo doo for a week, and repeat.

So that's running...let's talk racing! 

5k: February 14th \ Love 'Em or Leave 'Em \ 19:01
5k: April 18th \ B.A.A. 5k \ 18:14
10k: tomorrow May 30th \ Brooks Trailhead 10k
Half Marathon: June 13th \ Seattle RnR Half

Being me, I have unreasonable race expectations that I'm reigning in. I'm reminding myself these are just steps on my journey. And I'm running. Which is the real goal and accomplishment right now. It seemed so far out of reach 3 months ago.

"Don't try to rush progress. Remember - a step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Keep believing." Kara Goucher

Yes, this is how I look during all my runs.


  1. Go get 'em! You're going to be amazing!!

  2. I think any decent running in the first year of your childs life should be applauded. Thanks for the motivation to get after it tonight after kiddo bedtime, long run is calling. And I am envious of your speedy running buddies, I really need to find some more around here! Oh and that 5k time is my all time PR from half a lifetime ago sooo... I think you are pretty damn speedy ;) You got this! CRUSH IT! and in the words of the Bare Naked Ladies.... "who needs sleep"

  3. Good luck tomorrow - you are going to rock!

  4. No mom should want to shake you for anything! Everyone has their own ship. And guess what! After writing this you just won a race, lady!! Amazing!!

  5. Lol, "ya this is how I look on all my runs". Love it. So glad rock n roll went well for you :)


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