boil the frog

Last week I did my first track workout. Thanks coach Steph!

I'm notoriously horrible at any and all track work. And races. Except for my brief days dominating the 2 mile as an awkward tween. Made Nationals, baby! Won that third heat! You want my autograph, I know it. Annnnyway, just the thought of track work keeps me up at night in a cold sweat.
awkward mac tween - dual meet - somewhere in western mass

Why? I don't know 100% why, but I think 99% is my hatred and refusal (inability) to deal with "math" and "numbers" and 8.2% is the pressure of precision.  Either way, I'm a total stress ball.

My workout was 1000, 800, 600, 400 (1/2 marathon pace, 10k pace, 5k pace, mile pace) x2 with 2 minutes rest between each rep and 3 minutes rest between each set. NBD. But of course I'm frozen with ... what should my 100 be? and 200? And is that the line for 100? Until I'm oxygen deprived and just like aaargh.

Anyway, I did it! I accidentally kicked off my second set with a 600 at 1/2 marathon pace (face palm) and had to re-do it. And by that make up 1000m all I could think was, this is just a "boil the frog workout", "burn froggy burn." Which naturally led to singing (in my head, I think) "this frog is on fiiiiire" (a la Alicia Keys, This Girl is on Fire).

But damn, this frog *is* on fire! And this comeback is on! I have an entry to Rock n Roll Seattle on June 13 and I'm aiming hard, but also trying to keep all the other balls in the air. Work, PJ, husband, eating something other than 3 cookies for lunch...


  1. I'm happy for you and how strong you are coming. You are such a inspiration Sarah with your child, training and handling it all. I cannot even imagine.


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