week one + two - baby back

The word postpartum bums me out so these updates will be called 'Baby Back'. The first week 'back' was solid. The second a bit of a slide. Not only with doing work, but also tracking it. I will say, other than the days with an 'x', I did my diastasis recti repair work every day. That's a big win.
My hips and knees complain about pretty much all movement. Hope they start cooperating soon.

Week One (9/29 - 10/5)
6 wk checkup,
2.9mi run/walk
45 minute walk x AM: 5mi walk
PM: 1.5mi walk, .5mi run
2.5mi run/
2mi walk
? 3.3mi run

Week Two (10/6 - 10/12)
? 2.7mi run COLORADO
Travel Day

Stationary Bike - 12mi
Elliptical - :20minutes
Treadmill - 1.7mi run     
x                   x               x               

cruising through DIA at 11pm, baby PJ in backup PJs after blowing it out during boarding
sweater weather baby!
 My training went a bit off the rails during our trip to Colorado. I did cross train at the Stanley Hotel on Thursday, but Friday and Saturday I just concentrated on being a decent maid-of-honor at my friend's wedding and a decent mom. Yes, decent on both accounts because I just couldn't be stellar at both. ;) Nothing like putting my baby to nap one room over from 6 girls champagne-ing their way through hair and makeup or self expressing minutes before the ceremony to make me feel like mom of the year. Or asking 'how late it was' at 8:30pm to make me feel like a great bridesmaid. 

But PJ did just great away from me. My parents flew in from Massachusetts to be her personal nanny team. And Owen and I had our first (3!) nights out. I even had a couple glasses of wine at the wedding since one adorable baby decided she was cool with a bottle.

not a bad view for cross training
earning my keep as MOH

Overall our first big adventure was great and Penny was an easy travel companion. She slept like a champ in cars and planes. The only bummer of the trip was it rained every day except the wedding so Owen has yet to actually see the Rocky Mountains. But we'll be back one day, I'd love to show PJ and him around the state I called home twice.


  1. You'll be back to full fitness in no time! You're still teeny tiny - gorgeous family!


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