marginal cord insertion - my experience

When I got the word that I had marginal cord insertion I Googled. My searches turned up medical descriptions, message boards with hearsay and lots of questions. It felt like no one was talking about their experiences first hand. I wondered if it was out of fear...because something bad happened. I mean, people are oversharing everything on the internet. Why not this? Now 12 weeks later,  I understand why, it turns out to be a non-issue.

What is marginal cord insertion? Quickly, marginal cord means that the baby's umbilical cord is not connected to the very middle of the placenta. It's off to the side (not the very edge, that's something else). It occurs in 7-9% of pregnancies. The worry is that because it's not connected to the meaty center, the baby might not get adequate nutrition and her growth rate would slow or stop.

sleeping and growing (little face forward)

My marginal cord was found during the 20 week ultrasound. After the diagnosis they scheduled me for ultrasounds every 4-6 weeks to measure her growth. During these check-ins they'd measure her head, tummy, legs, and take her weight. Also they measure the fluid and look at the cord and placenta.

They measured her at 25 weeks and at 32 weeks. The first check in (20 weeks) she was 58th percentile, and second (25 weeks) 76th and her third (32 weeks) 88th! She's measuring big and continuing on the same growth pattern. Two technicians in a row have said, point blank, that they have never seen a small baby because of marginal cord. Both techs have been doing this for years, one for more than 20.

Penelope was born on her due date at 8lbs 5oz, 20.5 inches long and very healthy. Unrelated, my water broke prematurely and after various attempts to get labor started she was delivered via c-section. She is now 6 weeks old and growing fast.

I'm not writing this as any kind of medical expert, I only have my personal experience to share. And I've wavered on sharing it. But I decided to, in case you're like me, Googling yourself down a bad path, believe your doctor if they tell you margical cord nothing to worry about. They aren't just blowing sunshine to ease your mind. Just enjoy your extra sneak peeks and keep your eyes ahead. There are plenty of other things to worry about.


  1. Thanks for your post. definitely made me feel better.... :-D


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