31 into 32

31. The number of weeks this little girl has been growing. The age I'll be when she arrives.

It's been a busy 7 days. It's been a busy month. Honestly a busy 3 years if we're counting. And so much change ahead.
Down in front, belly! (29 weeks)

A couple weeks ago we flew redeye to Boston to celebrate my father's 60th birthday. I didn't sleep a wink and my eyes lived up the name. Owen didn't fair much better but had the advantage of Tylenol PM and not being 29 weeks pregnant. Also I was in the direct firing zone of a 90 something year old woman who used the 4.5 hour flight to leak a lifetime of farts while sleeping and blocking all hope of using the bathroom. It was a long night.

We spent the weekend in Rockport MA, what I would call one of my spirit homes. We moved a lot when I was growing up. Every four years. The summer I turned 10 we were in Colorado but my father spent a summer working in Boston. The family followed, but instead of setting up in the city we rented a house in Cape Anne. I remember that summer as one of the best of my life. 

We eventually moved to western Massachusetts (for good) when I was nearly half way through 6th grade. I found my way back to Colorado for college, but came back 2 summers to be a live-in nanny in Rockport. Living with my parents on the weekend and on the coast all week. 

I love the north shore. It's a place where my family is from, but not from. I think when you move often you attach yourself to places by heart not obligation. As soon as I could I found my way back to the places that felt most like home. Testing them out. 
Mama(s) (30 weeks)

It was a great weekend, too fast. I hadn't seen my family since being (maybe, barely) 8 weeks pregnant. Watching them all feel the little girl kick and jab was the best. Hugging my mama good night every night. Hanging out with my brother and sister, acting like big little kids. It's been two decades since we all walked down the beach at Good Harbor, the three of us, over to the island at low tide. So much has changed and hasn't. It's hard to be far away. 

Time is flying by at hyper speed now. We are less than 8 weeks out from her due date. I'm excited but mostly completely overwhelmed right now. Not only is her little room a complete disaster, the list of things that need to be done at work seems insurmountable at times. I have my head down, checking things off, while trying my best to take moments to absorb this time I have with my little one. That I have with my husband. Before everything changes again.

This weekend we headed on our first and last camping trip of the summer. Over the mountains to Maryhill. Another adopted spirit home. I love the hot wind, watching the trains so small across the Columbia, driving through the endless sea of fields and canyons. All in all it was a restorative weekend, aside from having my iPhone walk off with a new owner. And Monday morning, as suspected, all my to-dos are still here.

looks like I could have used a little more spf...(32 weeks)


  1. Love reading your updates! Congrats on making it 32 weeks!!

  2. Your list of to-do's may be miles long, but sounds like the trip to visit with your family was a very worthy reason to let them wait a little longer!

    Sorry about your phone, that's a real bummer. Hopefully you're connected again. Take care!!

  3. What a fun trip and a great way to spend some time before Baby Robinson arrives! 31 weeks? WOW! Where has the time gone?! I'm glad that things are going smoothly and some of that worry seems to have gone by the wayside. I was super overwhelmed and left tons of things to the last minute--but it is okay if not everything gets done. We didn't even buy the crib until Patsy was like 2 months old... and she still hasn't slept in it once. Soooo it is all good in the end!

    Oh and can you please post some pics of the nursery? :)

  4. I had my first son on my 31st birthday. Hard to believe he is now a moody 13 year old! Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy and dreaming of your sweet little girl. You are going to love being a Mom! I am so excited for you, but will miss you at #birdcamp.


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