grow a mama - week 29

Long time no publish! I have about 5 blog drafts in the cooker, but haven't pulled the trigger in awhile. Mainly because as soon as I write an update everything changes. I'll be all ready to talk about how I'm done running and then go bust out 3 miles. Pregnancy is one hell of a rollercoaster.

Because I could write a novel about the last 6 weeks (and have, but luckily for you haven't published it) let's go with bullet points!

  • Running isn't happening most days. Don't be fooled by Instagram (good life tip). It's not easy, nor am I maintaining a "weekly mileage" or "training plan". Unless 3 miles a week counts. 
Didn't run for nearly two weeks, then after this pic was taken managed a 3 miler!
  • But I'm not giving up! I walk about an hour every day and attempt little running spurts when I can. I'm also running a 5k this Sunday. Operation 'don't become one with the couch' is in full swing. 
  • My goal for the third trimester: keep moving and go to prenatal yoga once a week week. Which I have dubbed fart yoga for the number of times preggers are letting it fly in there. I haven't contributed to the fart party yet, but I know my day is coming. 
  • I asked Lauren Fleshman what's one exercise I should be doing and she said clam shells. When Fleshman speaks, it is done. So daily clam shells it is. 
  • My weight gain is solid. I have never talked about weight on this blog, it's such an arbituary measurement and I don't weigh myself...ever. But since I'm now weighed on the monthly, it should be noted I'm about 27 pounds since the pee dried on the preg test (nice visual). It should also be noted that my doctor had the gall to bring this up in my last appointment and I'm fully ignoring her. Because a. I started out underweight by some standards and b. I'm a healthy BMI for my height and weight...even if I wasn't pregger. Not concerned. 

  • My hips have been replaced with Shakira's. As a previous stick figure this is sort of awesome, until I try to pull on a pair of pants (or jumpsuit) from last summer. Can.Not.Budge past mid thigh.  These hips don't lie. 
This week I attempted to pull this jumpsuit on. Big. Big. Mistake.
  • Cellulite. I have it like woah. 
  • Birth training. This is getting real. Right now I'm interviewing doulas nightly (it feels like) and haven't found one. I guess hiring a complete stranger to be my support during this pretty big overwhelming life event is a little harder than I thought....
Getting her room ready, midcentury modern + desert theme. Dresser was a Craigslist find! Hope we have the same taste...
  • I'm exhausted. And yes, mamas, I know "it's only the beginning". But dammit I just want to sleep through one night without waking up a. in extreme back pain b. because I'm nervous I'm not in the right position (mostly, I'm constantly TRYING to roll on my belly) b. because my heart burn is burning a hole straight through my throat.... baby kicks are the only thing I love waking up for. Has yet to get old. 
  • A specific line around my rib cage is numb and in pain... somehow at the same time. And the only bra I am comfortable wearing is a cotton nursing bra that Fleshman bought me. Also I've had to size up two sizes in all bras because of my giant expanding ribs. Not boobs, those are only up a size. Yep, we went there.
  • I secretely hope my rib cage stays bigger. All fast runners have giant rib cages. 
  • Oh and the boobs, I'd like to keep those too. 
  • I could just list everything that's growing... but let's just say I feel like one of those little toys that you drop into water and it grows (I think there's one called 'Instant Boyfriend' and they should def. make a preggers one). I'm just expanding. Everything is expanding. 
Grow a Mama!
Well there's a lot more to say, but now I feel like we're kind of caught up! I'm going to be 29 weeks this Sunday. Baby girl and I will be run/walking the North Olympic Discovery 5k. Back during week 16 I had this hard plan to run the half marathon. A month later I downgraded to the 10k and now... the 5k is just right. Lesson #1 of pregnancy, every day is different. 


  1. Love this post! I'm 27 weeks along and you've validated so many of my little experiences lately.
    1) oh my god with the cellulite... where did it come from and does that go away with the belly??
    2) running is so far off of my radar these days... what used to be a daily thing... i had to stop weeks ago - i figured if it was causing me pain i'd hate to be causing him any pain...
    3) i wake up with hip pain every morning... foam roll to recover from sleep... never thought i'd do that.
    4) baby kicks are the best... even right to the rib cage.

  2. I loved all parts of this post, especially: "Don't be fooled by Instagram (good life tip)." Looking good, Mama Mac! Have fun with the 5k this weekend!

  3. Great post! Love the Grow a Mama visual aid!

  4. You are looking great! I love your attitude about the weight gain. You look completely healthy, don't worry about it. Yoga and clam shells, the way to go.

  5. Once again, thank you for making me feel normal! I'm way behind you but I'm happy to get 3-5 miles in a week. I hear that squats are super helpful during pregnancy- stronger guads and hammies means stronger pushing that kid right out.

  6. Freaking loved this post. Every single bullet. You are soooooooooooo not alone in every ache, worry, joy, trial, question, fart. Oh my gosh I love it. You are hysterical and are going to be the cutest momma ever!

  7. love the update.
    1. reading it took me back to those sleepless night of heartburn and the always awesome baby kicks {they really never do get old}.
    2. 3 miles totally count for the week, as do the hour-long walks which i'd put a a solid 4 or 5 miles down for {it's like you're wearing a ten pound weight vest plus five pound leg weights on each leg, while carrying those little 2.5 pound dumbells in each hand} shoot, i'd write it down as a hill workout.
    3. that jumpsuit is so SO cute. too bad your hips got in the way {bold move, the jumpsuit + bump one but, i'm sure you would've totally rocked it}
    4. one preggo exercise i'd recommend are wall sits - get those quads strong!

    you're doing great though so keep it up and enjoy this time!

  8. I can't stop laughing. I can't believe you tried the jumpsuit! I try not to do things that will make me cry ;) Don't worry, your hips will go back though and you will rock it once again! You look absolutely amazing now!
    Embrace the yoga, it will for real get you through labor.
    And I just ordered a new lesko bra, sized up to a large from a small. Will not be surprised if I have to exchange it for an XL :/
    Good luck this weekend at the 5k, I am attempting one as well at 26 weeks. Haven't had a successful run in 2 weeks, so we shall see :)

  9. Oh man, I am right with you girl! 3 miles a week is about where I am at too. I am going to try to run right before prenatal yoga this week and see if that helps the serious after affects if not I might be breaking up with running for the rest of this pregnancy. I LOVE how I feel during it but hobbling around for 2 days with sore hips is not worth it. The third trimester+running is just not in the cards for me I guess! I didn't have much trouble coming back the first time around and I gained quite a bit too (40-45lbs) so I am not worried about that part. You will be fine too, its actually fun you just drop weight like crazy those first few weeks postpartum and you eat a ton too, so its awesome! Then running helped loose the rest and it just felt so good to run not-pregnant! And the cellulite went away and the boobs (unfortunately) also went away when I stopped breastfeeding, darn it I hoped they would stick around. I am now going to google clam shell exercises because I don't know what they are?! Thank you so much for being real and honest!!! SERIOUSLY! its so inspiring I can not wait to follow you after the baby is here too. You look wonderful and that belly is so gorgeous!

  10. Love this post Sarah! So much funny. So much honesty. So much you!

  11. As a woman trying to get pregnant I appreciate the honesty!! So many women down play the bad so I won't get scared but I would prefer to know what to expect. The prenatal fart yoga is something no one has mentioned! Too funny!

  12. That analogy is so perfect!! I love it!

    Loving all your updates Sarah. Running while pregnant was such a roller coaster for me...and really my last good run was at 30 weeks. After that it took a sharp dive and just sort of limped along until I finally called it quits at almost 36 weeks (and really, I was barely running at all by then). Anyway, long winded way of saying you're doing a great job!

    And so far the boobs are sticking around (nursing boobs put pregnancy boobs to shame!), but unfortunately, so is the cellulite.

  13. You are too much! So funny! And you look great! Hope everything continues to progress beautifully!! Boobs and all! lol

  14. You are on to something...your pregnancy lesson #1 is also Parenting Lesson #1.

  15. The weight gain thing is crazy. I gained 50 pounds and was completely flipped out until I realized that I still didn't qualify as overweight on a non-pregnancy BMI chart. At that point I switched from utter paranoia to "hey, let's walk downtown for an ice cream cone." Granted, at my 36-week walking pace, the 3.5 mile roundtrip took *forever* but it was worth it. :)

  16. Isn't it funny how quickly pregnancy symptoms change? I thought I was completely done running and then came back toward the end of pregnancy until it felt too weird. Walking is GREAT to maintain fitness...and in the last few weeks the only 'workout' I could handle was Wii bowling or archery, ha!

    I also had the rib numbness/pain. No one warns you about that! I finally braved a google search to discover that it's pretty common.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. :)


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