fiery crashes and/or rose colored glasses

There's a song by Andrew Bird called Fiery Crash. I heard him talk about it on NPR (or somewhere else, I'm not sure and conveniently can't find it right now). When asked what that song was about he explained that it was, in part, about needing to imagine the worst before moving on. Essentially he's vividly imagining the flight he's waiting to board going down in a fiery crash to cope with flying.

I completely identify with that coping behavior. I have to imagine the bottom falling out before moving on. The trick is moving on. I can be debilitated by constantly replaying 'the worst scenario' until there is no room for reality or 'the best scenario' to enter my mind.

It's almost as if dealing with obstacles is more comfortable than dealing with success or even just smooth sailing. A reliance on challenge and difficulty is something I have to constantly, conciously move away from. There is still challenge to be had in the midst of non-chaos.

Smooth sailing is bathroom selfies

Right now I'm consiously transitioning into the reality that things are going well with our baby. Worry has taken too much of the past few months, and while I know I can't squash worry entirely I don't want to let it invade the good. I don't want to look back and see this time wasted completely on worry.

We had our first ultrasound to measure our baby's growth since being told she/we had Marginal Cord Insertion. At the 20 week, when the Marginal Cord was discovered, she was in the 58% percentile for size and weight (already a little big). Now at the start of 25 weeks she's in the 76%. And the cord is closer to the center of the placenta (as the placenta grew over the last 5 weeks the edge got further away). The fear of her growth being stunted just doesn't seem to be panning out. Girl is getting big!  

go, baby girl, go

I'm putting on my rose colored glasses here for a bit and adjusting my view. Yes, I'll always be a hyper-realist, and a worrier. But when the picture of reality includes positives, why not absorb and reflect them back along with the rest?

The reality is we're having a baby. So far we know she's a girl with the most adorable little face I've ever seen and she'll be here in August. I'm pregnant and I'm doing my best every day to be the best mama and the best me. The rest... I'll deal with as it comes.

Baby room inspiration and my reminder to breath and relax. Photo cred Tycho


  1. Awe, I love this! Go baby girl, go indeed! Precious little sonogram. Keeping you and your family in my prayers and do not let fear steal your joy. Hang in there!

  2. Outwardly I'm pretty much always a rose coloured glasses girl, but on the inside I tend to think about the fiery crashes more than I normally admit.

    I'm glad everything is going well for you - 76%! Go baby!

    Do you have the glucose tolerance test coming up? I've put on a lot of weight and have currently managed to convince myself that I might have GD. Fingers crossed I pass...

  3. I'm very excited for you. I'm also someone who thrives on info. I'm so glad the "marginal" placement seemed to have done a little self-correction :) Wishing you all the best and some relaxation, too :)

  4. So glad to hear baby's doing well, Sarah. I'm a worrier. I worry between appointments that everything's okay. I did it with my first two and with this one. I think some of us are just built that way. I tend to get wrapped up in the "feeling physically like shit" part, and that's what tends to rob the joy out of pregnancy. I'm trying to NOT be that way this time. Might be a little easier after I get out of the first tri. :) Go Baby Mac!


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