weeks 21 and 22

Last blog was a bit of a gut punch to write. After making something so personal public, I thought long and hard about why I blog. And the most encompassing explanation I landed on is that I believe there is a community here, one that is built on a common experience, in this case running… or pregnancy… or ___. And at the best of times, it's also a strong support system with positive energy.

The world has expanded with the internet, now I can feel like I know someone I've never actually met living half a world away. And I'm connected to them by the universal experiences we share. This can be overwhelming on a bad day, but most of the time I find it to be very positive.

To clarify on my last blog, I'm anxious about my baby being healthy. I've been handed something I have no control over (and in reality will most likely not pose a huge issue for my baby). But when I'm faced with something I can't control, I flail around for things I can control (enter deodorant/shampoo).

I had a great conversation with my doctor the afternoon after I posted. I explained I thrive on information, the more the better. And she explained that if she was concerned I would know about it. The cord is just slightly off center, but it's strong and healthy. My baby is growing and is actually measuring big for her 'age'. Her only warning was, do what you can to avoid adding any other complications. We got on the same page as doctor/patient for the first time. She also added that unless I'm drinking my shampoo to try not to worry so much.

So I stopped drinking my shampoo.

Seriously, I got my head on as straight as I could and moved on. The last couple weeks have flown by.

Other than finally cracking about the 20 week news. Other things did happen. Like...
  • I bought my first maternity jeans, with the full belly panel. Sexy and I know it. 
  • Replaced all my shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, and lotions. Now I smell like BO. 
  • Splurged on tiny dresses and bloomers for the mini, my first purchases for her.
  • Apparently I just could have summed this up with three words: "I stress shopped".

one little shelf so far

monday: 2.1 run
tuesday: x
wednesday: x
thursday: 3.4 run
friday: x
saturday: 5 run
sunday: x

Can't remember what I did on the 'x' days. Gotta get a little better on tracking. 

getting some miles in

This week falls under 'extreme nesting'. Spent the entire weekend painting, cleaning, working in the yard. Actually made Pinterest boards. One for baby room inspiration and another to try to remember things I need to get before she arrives. 
getting it together, one step at a time

monday: 3.7 run
tuesday: x
wednesday: 3.1 run + yoga
thursday: 2.5 run
friday: x
saturday: 3.5 run
sunday: x


  1. The internet is a funny thing that way. I don't have a blog (although I think constantly about starting one!), but I sometimes feel that way about stuff I post on Facebook. I tend to overshare, and even though technically everyone there is someone that I have known at some point, many are people that I wouldn't consider "inner circle". At the end of the day though, I do it because of that sense of "community" you mentioned. I have received emails and messages from people I haven't seen since high school, and yet something that I shared touched them somehow and that means something to me. :)

    And I benefit on the other side as well. I follow quite a few running blogs and I do find that I feel connected to this "community" of people that I have never met. And yet sometimes reading about other people's shared experiences is what gets me into my running shoes and out the door on a hard day.

    So yeah, this got a little long. But I guess what I'm saying is THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your experiences because it does make a difference. It certainly has for me. (And I really promise that I'm not a scary stalker! I swear. :)

  2. It was great to meet you last week!

    Anyways I do agree though that internet is interesting. I often feel like people on the internet know more about me then people who I talk to on a daily basis. (Not to say my "real life" friends don't know as much...but I do wonder do they read my blog, etc?).

    You look great by the way.

  3. Oh gosh I wrote so many lists before I had my son, they were very helpful. There is always something new that needs to be done. Its kind of nuts. Looks like you are doing well! I also have Pinterest boards, they are a great way to keep track of things all over the place. If you are doing a baby registry we used Myregistry.com and that was a nice way to put things on from different sources.

    The blog world is strange. I have become very glad that just a few people follow my blog, I dont want to make it private but when I hear of all the crap some of the big bloggers have to take I am glad its small. I keep it up, and then after the baby is here the struggle is how much of their lives do you want to share? But for my extended family it is so worth it and for my friends far away who are looking for baby info. Thanks for writing yours! I am just a week a head of you with a baby girl too so its awesome to follow along. You look great! Total bump now :) Oh and thanks for the running/mileage update. I don't run a ton when pregnant mostly because I wasn't running a ton going into this one. And its nice to see someone running about the same amount. I get brainwashed with those instagram accounts of people 8 months along doing half marathons and think I should be doing more. But honestly its what works now and I am happy with it.

  4. sarah, thanks so much for writing this and for making the decision to continue sharing your personal life. i feel that punch in the gut almost every time i hit 'publish' whether i get hundreds of pageviews or just a dozen. blogging can be very vulnerable at its worst, but at its best, provides a sense of community and strong support group - so glad you're a part of it.

    sounds like you're taking the best care of little miss, keep it up! you're rocking that bump (and those maternity jeans)! ;)

  5. This is all great stuff. I can't imagine being in your shoes and having complete strangers caring about what I say. But community is so important, especially amongst women and mothers. Being brave and sharing means so much!
    And shopping for baby clothes is the BEST. I didn't get ready for baby until past 32 weeks and we were fine. Just relish the fun stuff. Plan and prepare anything that eases your mind. But she'll just need YOU most of all. Snugggggles coming your way in August!!!!

  6. Oooh, full panel! Sexxxxy! I love the nude color too. Haha. I found my favorite maternity pieces from Gap and Loft. They had the cutest stuff for the best prices. I wore my Gap maternity jeans well after Baby Wilson arrived due to that not-so-flat post baby belly. They were seriously worth every penny I paid. :)

    Your baby bump is absolutely adorable... And one little shelf for mini-Mac? Get ready for loads more that will fill an entire closet! Patsy's closet is full, complete with a giant basket full of clothes that don't fit yet. Not to mention the giant boxes full of clothes she has already grown out of. Time flies with a little one, just wait! :)


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