Sunday Runday for Every Mother Counts

This Sunday Oiselle is teaming up with Charity Miles to run miles (and raise money) for EMC. Our goal: 1,000 miles! Which should be easy to reach. That's just 143 people running 7 miles. And with all those long runs going down, I think we can hit 2,000.

It's easy to jump in,

  1. Download Charity Miles
  2. Log in
  3. Choose EMC and start running

I have to admit last November when EMC campaigned for people to use Charity Miles to donate $0.25 per mile every time they ran, I didn't jump in. Well A. I wasn't running that much and B. I really didn't get Charity Miles and C. It was holiday season and I essentially run, soooo yeah headspace was limited.

Turns out all excuses, A, B and C, were lame. It's so simple I'm embarrassed. It took our trip to NYC and hearing Christy Turlington Burns explaining the app to me, to get it. But since you might not have that luxury let me break it down.

Gene Gurkoff, launched the app in 2012. To my understanding out of his own pocket. Now he has sponsors, and is looking for more. But essentially there the money sits (his, theirs, whatever), waiting for you to walk/run/bike it over to your charity of choice.

The App is free, you just download it. Then (and here's the only glitch in the whole shebang) you have to run with your phone. But maybe it's just once a week if you're an unplugged runner… or just this Sunday 4/6 to help Oiselle reach its 1,000 mile goal for EMC. Or maybe you're a music junky like me right now and could run with it every run.

Or as CTB suggested, just turn it on in the AM and go about your day. When you walk with your phone, you're earning money towards a charity of your choice.

The Charity Miles option is open all the time, but this Sunday we're making the big push for EMC. Join in!! How many miles will you go?


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