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Hello from the 31,000 feet up! I’m en route to Palm Springs for a photoshoot with Oiselle. I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin and bunk with an inspiring gang of women for 3 days.  Tribal gathering of sorts. Or maybe more like rain bird flock flying south to dry out our wings.

Yesterday Owen and I had our 20 week ultrasound. For those who are like me two days ago, this appointment is when  U/S technician measures everything and labels it. We're talking tiny kidneys, head, spin, femur, etc. Preggo lays back back in a dimly lit room with partner seated out of reach and watches in confusion and awe at the baby measurements on the monitor trying to guess if everything looks 'right'. This is also the appointment where they can tell you if it’s a girl or boy.
Office betting pool.

Owen and I had devised a plan to have the technician write down boy or girl so we could read it alone together. I probably heard about this on a blog or one of the baby books I refuse to read anyore. It seemed like a good idea, see specifically last post re:disgust for public weeping.

Two minutes into the appointment I was guessing boy. So was Owen. Five minutes in I couldn’t take it anymore and needed to know. Right then. Owen, used to me changing plans on a dime, smiled and shrugged. So our wonderful tech, who reminded me of Meryl Streep, zoomed her little wand around my belly, and tada… confusing grey baby blur crotch shot… which she could identify as girl parts!

 I’m not some pink or blue crazed human, all I really wanted to see on that ultrasound was a beautiful spine and heart, but it felt very surreal and wonderful to know the little pop-pop in my belly was a she. There’s not much I can know about this baby floating around, unborn, and I’m just dying to know everything. It’s exciting to know one more little detail. Now I need to train myself to refer to her as her, and not it.

We also got to see the 3D of her face too. Which was insane. I expected her to look like every other baby 3D I’ve seen (I can’t tell them apart) but she looked like Owen to me! I mean, she looked like our baby. It might just be how you feel about your own little bug. Because I’m sure you’re like, meh, she looks like a nondescript blurry baby head to me.
After our appointment it was off to work after a quick Poly Clinic lobby break to call parents and grandparents with the news. It was hard to leave Owen, I felt like hanging out all day together just staring at ultrasound pictures. But there was lots to get done before the trip to Palm Springs!

So yeah, back to Palm Springs. We're shooting Oiselle s - w - i - m. Shhh. Stay tuned for updates from the desert, like I said we’re traveling with a seriously rad flock of women: Sally, Katron, Lesko, Meghan, Lauren, Kara and me. Oh and of course our photog #brobird, Amos. Shenanigans to ensue. 
Just landing. This is our real pool!
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  1. it's a girl! weeeee! a speedy addition to the flock in the making! have fun in sunny FLA, MamaMac

  2. This is super exciting and I can tell how excited you are just reading this post. Have fun in Cali!

  3. Yayyyy I guessed right! Congratulations!!!!! I'm envious of your travels too by the way.

  4. Congratulations on a little GIRL! How exciting!!! Speaking from experience, I think having a girl is pretty damn amazing. :) And it really is funny how surreal it is to look at those 3D ultrasounds. To me, it made it much more real that it was a real baby inside me. CRAZY!!

  5. EEEEEEEE. A GIRL! She is going to be super woman straight out of the womb. Congrats, mom and dad!

  6. Congrats on the little lady bird! And cheers to the next generation of strong women!

  7. (I tried to comment before but can't tell if your blog ate it. So I apologize if you get duplicate comments from me! Anyway...)

    Congratulations!! From my wealth of experience on the matter, little girls are wonderful. ;) And that 20 week ultrasound is so amazing. Even though I couldn't tell what every little thing on the screen was, it was so cool to see all the bitty growing parts...and of course a relief to hear that they were all in working order. And what you said about finding out is exactly how I felt -- I wanted to know every detail I could. Learning that we were having a girl helped me feel a little closer to the baby I hadn't met yet...and it helped everything feel a little more real. So excited for you!!

  8. Congrats on the little girl! Enjoy your trip! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SWIMWEAR. My husband couldn't come to the appointment so the tech wrote it down and it KILLED ME not to open it until I met him for lunch...I even made her tape it to avoid temptation!


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