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What a week. Last Thursday we announced to the world that Kara Goucher is joining Oiselle. Reading Kara and Sally's blogs on the partnership were so moving. I just can't shake the chills. 

When I found Oiselle three years ago, I can't describe what I felt other than I believed in it. It was really just Sally at that point, I'd never met anyone like her. I wanted in. In the beginning it was shaky, there was even a time of not being sure we could pay me. But I didn't care. Something was here. And while the apparel was unparalleled I knew it was something bigger; a movement, a tribe. And I learned to trust that I'd found my flock, my family. 

After reading Kara's blog about joining Oiselle, it's obvious, that feeling was there for her too. She knew she belonged at Oiselle, "My heart knew it all along and I am so glad that it was speaking loud enough to finally reach my head."

There's nothing more daring than following your heart. It's not your logic, it has no time for your cynical side, it's open and vulnerable, but it's more powerful than anything. It will lead you to people that become your family. It will create a life you feel connected to. It will push you to do big, huge, gutsy things. 

And in a life, of which you only have one, what else is worth following? 


  1. I love this post! Heart is so so important and makes the difference in all that we do. I have been emailing with Kristin for the past month and am hoping to be a part of the Oiselle team/flock/family. :) I love the clothes, but more so I love the idea of strong, fast, confident women supporting each other in this sport that we love.

    And thanks for the song! It's one of my favorites. I sang it for my Kindergarten class WAY back when. :)

  2. Oiselle is more than just a company, it's a community that is stretching farther and wider and inspiring more people by the day. I think Kara is a perfect fit!

    Your last paragraph gave me chills of motivation! Well said! (I may have read it three times over)


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