yoga for the pregnant

I've always wanted to be into yoga. Always is a strong word. I've wanted to be into yoga since 2002 when this Vogue plopped into my freshman dorm mailbox.

Injured and feeling low, I bought every student discount yoga class I could get my mitts on. By the end of college I was deep into Bikram hot yoga. But after the student discounts ran out and the first (three) minimum wage jobs I worked to fund my my little tee shirt business ramped up, yoga was the last thing on my mind. I ran when I could afford to eat and that was good enough. Whomp, whomp. 

I've never used yoga for the mediative aspect, or the restorative for that matter. I liked the sweaty, 'feel the burn' yoga.** I feel out of place chanting Ommmmm three times and talking about 'massaging my kidneys'. But in the throes of first trimester, early second anxiety... I thought about taking prenatal yoga. And talked about it. And talked about it. And made fun of it. Until into my inbox arrived a 4-class pass from Owen.

Owen has perfected the art of supporting me in what I call 'I'm a cactus in need of a hug' phases in life. Yes, I'm covered in thorns and I'm glaring daggers at you, but all I really need is a hug. Or a 4-pack of yoga classes at the Holistic Center on Aurora that I keep making sarcastic remarks about.

I showed up from my first class on Wednesday. The Holistic Center like a hippy community center that also teaches a little kids self defense class(?) I walked past kids delivering a hard elbow to the ground and found the locker room, which smelled heavily of bleach and was accosted by a woman who wanted to know if it smelled okay. Sure. Because she'd just spent 30 minutes cleaning up her kids puke. Err. Are you telling me your kid has the flu? I used a lot of hand sanatizer that night.

Awkward bathroom self proof

I fully expected to be the least pregnant woman there, and sure enough I was me and another 15 weeker. But like I've said every pregnant body is so different there's just no telling. As we went around to say our names and week and (over)share about something, I would try to guess the week. I'd be thinking 35... and then the woman would be all I'm 24 weeks. For a current internet belly lurker this was all too rich.

Then after our three grounding Ommms the yoga got started. It was all very practical and also birth focused. Like here's a great position to get into to move your baby where you need it to be. I can firmly say this has never been covered in any yoga class I've been to. Here's a position that will help align your energy so you can sleep better. And yes, here's one that is massaging your kidneys. (And most surprisingly for a room full of pregnant ladies squatting I heard not one fart.)

The class was calming, and I liked all the tidbits for take home. After the class one of the super pregnant girls came up to me. I'd (over)shared that I was anxious. She told me she was completely anxious that whole first part, much longer than she'd anticipated and that it gets better. It never goes away, but it gets better.  That made the whole hour worth it, really.

I'll definitely be going to this class as often as I can throughout the next 25 weeks. It's another tribe to find support in. And an hour to focus on nurturing myself and my little guest. Plus I think I'll need all the positioning help I can get. Have you seen a baby's head??
** Note: If I was a more talented writer I could have woven this in. I should say there is a place in-between burn and Ommm and that is Jasyoga. Erin is my guru. Last week she came in and taught a beautiful 'trust your body' restorative yoga class and it was the most at peace I'd been in weeks. My racing mantra (breath in: I am, breath out: here now) belongs to Erin and Jasyoga. 


  1. Kudos! Yoga is all about finding your own zen happy place--be it burn or breathing into your chakras! Either way you (and Baby Mac) will reap many benefits! Om amiga!

  2. That Owen, what a guy. Practicing reducing anxiety now will pay off for avoiding it during newborn learning curve.
    I didn't try yoga, but I loved swimming during my pregnancy. Try anything that helps!

  3. "I'm a cactus in need of a hug" is the best description I've ever heard of that (all-too-familiar) phase.

    So happy for you!

  4. I wrote this long, fairly awesome comment on my phone the other night and OF COURSE it didn't post :) Basically the gist was this:
    1. SO HAPPY for you that you are on this journey, pregnancy is so cool in that it is such a different experience for everyone and you end up learning so much about yourself (or i did) :)
    2. I LOVE GODDESS SQUATTING during pregnancy - I actually did it every day the last trimester and pushed/gave birth squatting on the table (WAYYYY easier than the on-the-back pushing that I tried initially) if that's your cup o' tea...
    3. SLEEP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WHILE YOU CAN!!! Become a nap champion!
    (That last bit wasn't in my first comment, I addended after the third night of sweet little girl going from sleeping in 4 hour stretches (at least) to waking to nurse every 1 1/2 hours. Hooray growth spurts :)

    Enjoy the process :)


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