week 13 and 14

Weeks are going by soooo slow but then when I go to look back, it feels like they are flying by. I'm in a time warp. It's funny, but in both training and pregnancy suddenly 'weeks' are important. Week 2 of training, week 13 of baby growing. Seven day marks that mean a lot to you. And possibly only you...so these posts might be a self indulgent snooze.

But I've been up since 3:30a and need a quick work break so here we go.

Still anxious, but fresh off my latest doctors appointment and lots of Twitter congratulations/encouragement I was riding higher than the weeks before.

While the nausea backed off the headaches ramped up and the exhaustion and the peeing. Exhaustion I'm used to. But headaches, no. And peeing in the middle of the night, well I never. A lot of my dreams include the pain from my headaches (which I compare to someone putting ice cubes directly on my brain) and the need to pee. It's a good time.

I was counting down the days until our mini beach vacation. Looking forward to one thing, sleep. We headed to Long Beach for two night and then Cannon Beach for the last two. Aside from finding very little room at the inn when calling to book the last two nights of vacation the day before, the storm with 80 mph gusts and Owen's food poisoning on the last night/day/night... it was incredibly relaxing and felt like we'd been gone for weeks.


No I'm kidding. I did workout. I'm just really bad at recording it right now.
Got the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVDs. It's a booty burn. I think she has two main objectives: no mum bum and wear awkward body suits that guarantee nip slips. Which I'm fine with because my glutes are weeeeak and who doesn't love the added workout cliff hanger of when a nip might slip?

I'm running a minimum of every other day. My best guess on mileage would be 12-15 for the week. And 2 hours of booty burn with Tracy Nip Slip. Solid.


Headaches and exhaustion march on. With vices limited I find myself accidentally binge eating frosting out of a can or a full pound of salt water taffy. This childish behavior is guaranteed to cause a 2 day headache. A lesson I've learned at least two times a week for the last three weeks.

My other cravings besides straight sugar include grapefruit (peeled and eaten like an orange), edamame (in pod) and roasted seaweed. So I'm trying to indulge those more than the can of frosting cravings.

monday: 2.2 beach run, super windy and didn't have much time
tuesday: Tracy DVD
wednesday: 3.5 + prenatal yoga
thursday: x
friday: 5.4 runch with KG at work
saturday: x (literally did not leave bed)
sunday: 8.5 mile long run solo and just about 9:00 pace.

And finally I leave you with this sweet belly comparison of week 13 v week 14. As you can see a lot sort of does happen in 7 days. Including the debut of my first armpit roll.

week 13 v week 14


  1. Great baby bump pictures! I had to laugh at the Tracy Nip Slip. too funny.

  2. You look great! Cute bump. Hope your headaches subside very soon!

  3. Seeing that sports bra makes me want that color next. I swear the Oiselle clothes I will own will be all of the ones you do...don't worry about it.

    I'm really glad you are enjoying pregnancy. You look awesome and I can't wait to continue to follow your pregnancy.

  4. Hilarious! I am a couple weeks behind you, a hobby runner, and just found your blog as you announced your pregnancy. Thanks up front for the inspiration to keep moving during pregnancy. Congrats and I look forward to more stories! :)

  5. Sounds like an adventure - too freaking funny :) Hope the headaches go away soon though!!

  6. It is definitely interesting to read your journey!

    I totally get that time warp feeling. I feel like some weeks go super quickly while others go really slow, like at the moment it's still 3 weeks until my next scan so time is moving so slowly. I also get the urge to say that I'm 16 weeks and x days, rather than just saying 16 weeks (even though I know no one other than me cares about the exact number!)

    Thankfully my belly is still hidden in work clothes (I'm not looking forward to talking to patients about it), but it's definitely obvious in running clothes now!

  7. Your first sentence is true of parenthood as well. Someone once said to me, on raising young kids, "The days creep, the years fly." Thanks for the update! I, a stranger, am enjoying following along.

  8. Hate to tell you this...but the pee thing never went away for me. But it's all so much fun, who cares, right?? :)

  9. I forgot about headaches, derp! I had a big bottle of Tylenol, even though it isn't as good as Advil. And I think that is an impressive bump for a skinny tall girl!


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