dream girls of fast running

There hasn't been much to report in my running world. The only racing recap I have is from dream land. At least once a week I dream that I'm winning a huge half marathon, flying, and suddenly can't find the finish line. I know people are finishing; I can hear a distant crowd. I get more and more frantic to find the finish line...then I wake up.

Luckily despite my nightmares, I'm surrounded by the dream girls of fast running and I know I'll find my way to the finish line in of my dreams soon enough. No time to wallow! Especially this week as the NJNY and Little Wing girls descended on Seattle in all their winged glory.

First up they had a workout at the Dempsey, I had to spend quality time with my computer working on my monitor tan, but it was fun to follow along through Twitter when I had a quick second. Then I had them booked on Thursday for a photoshoot! Directing photoshoots is easily one of my favorite roles at Oiselle. It's a huge day, really exhausting, but such a unique creative experience. (Sidenote: if anyone out there has experience with art direction on set, or stylist... anything, I'm dying to shadow other photoshoots. I have so much more to learn.)

school of 'fake it 'til you make it'. can't go wrong with these models though.
The photoshoot was originally going to be outdoors. I composed my shot list and created outfits. But in the final hour, we decided to take it in studio. It's hard to adapt a concept like, 'running up a hill, pause at top, stretch, look out over the city' to a studio equivalent, but we ended up getting great stuff.

hard not to get great shots with hams models like these
Friday was work as usual, a quick jaunt around the lake trying to keep up with Lauren Fleshman's easy jogging pace. Then the pros headed for a design meeting and yoga. Again, I worked on my monitor glow, I'm really turning that shade of green/gray I've always dreamed of.

But today is the big day! Race day at the Dempsey. Camera ready, can't wait to watch the races. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram. This weekend is not to be missed.

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