starting a fling with strava

I broke up with Daily Mile back in 2012. There was a list of reasons I had to cut it off with Daily Mile, but mainly it was annoying that they didn't have an app, I couldn't to see weekly mileage more like a written training journal, and visually, let's be serious, DM is Ugly. 

What I said I would miss, and did, was the social aspect. After the break up I never filled the social void in my training life. Of course yapping about my training once in awhile here does fill part of the void. Until I met someone new, Strava

Larissa Rivers, Marketing Manager at Strava, called me up at Oiselle to see if it might be a fit for our team. At first I was hestitant to get excited about an online training community, having been burned before. But as she talked and I actually looked through the site, I started to feel optimistic about a new start. The clean design! The beautiful graphs and calendars! My friends were already here! 

I signed up right away and (because I haven't charged my Garmin since Chicago) struck out with my iPhone loaded with the Strava app. Easy to use, and again, beautiful to look at. Now if you peek in at my latest "running" adventures, you'll undoubtly wonder if I'm the same person who is trying to nail a qualifying time in the marathon… yes. Not right now, but yes. More on that later. Don't judge my 9:07 pace. Or do. No sweat off my Rogas. 

Things I love about Strava:

  1. It has an app. 
  2. You can use my iPhone, Garmin… a whole slew of other things to track my training. 
  3. You can protect yourself by setting a privacy area. No more broadcasting my routes to the world. 
  4. You can spy on PRO athletes. And do a side by side comparision of your training and theirs. Rad. 
  5. Challenges with prizes. 'nuff said. 
  6. You can check out loops other runners in your area are treading for ideas to spice up the norm. 
  7. You can join a club and encourage each other, have conversations and challenge each other if you want. I'm on club Oiselle, if you're into that, come join! 
  8. Cool stuff like if you take photos on your phone during your run it automatically will associate them and add them to the recap! What the what. 
It's just a super robust tool and rad community. To be honest, I'm still learning the ins and outs of Strava. We're in the early stage of our relationship… getting to know each other. 

Do you use Strava? Let's follow each other!

Tip: you have to change your preference from cycling to running here. Took me awhile to find that.


  1. Awe this is so sad. I absolutely love dailymile. They have the electric miles app now (I use that) which is awesome. Either way I'm glad you found something that works for you. I like to have some sort of social aspect with my training and I like how easy it is to follow others that way too.

  2. i am so excited that you posted this! this looks seriously wonderfully awesome. totally downloading and following you!

  3. Ooooh, I might have to convert! I must admit that I don't use daily mile for the social aspect, but maybe Stava would make me more social! The data looks better on here, anyhow. Btw, looks like the mother runners are interviewing Larissa (who's a new mom and ultra runner) on their podcast this week :)

  4. Strava is awesome. Although, I need to stop going to friend's profiles and doing the side-by-side comparison and getting bummed they're doing more miles than me...

  5. Hi! My husband has mentioned me moving to Strava (I am currently Garmin Connect all the way) - your post is pretty convincing too! I do love how easy Garmin Connect is; plus, as someone who is trying not to be as competitive as their husband, I quite like just uploading the latest data, having a peek at my overall stats then switching off! Have fun and I may join you on Strava before too long...

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  7. You may have just convinced me to try strava. The manfriend uses it for cycling and running, but I still use DM mainly because I've been using it for 3 years now, but an iphone app would be really nice.

  8. I have a love/hate relationship w Strava. I love the interface and app and all that. I like the social aspect, but as a sometimes (read: always) unrealistic, and somewhat (read: stupidly) stubborn, asthmatic, it can be so discouraging to see the faster, longer, stronger of everyone else... But I think I'm gonna ditch the pity party and come re-join!

    1. I completely understand that feeling, especially right now. I'm just hanging on. But the love is still there, and so many paces and people. The more that join the bigger the picture. :)


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