looking back on the rw runstreak

I am a runner who loves her rest days. I love putting that big ol fat X mark across an entire row of my training journal once a week. A sacred day where I only shower once and sometimes do my hair. A day I eat whatever I want, whenever I want without miles hanging over my head. I earn my rest days, and so when I take them they are glorious. It might be 62% of why I run in the first place. There's nothing like earning a real rest day to revel in.

So I've never been tempted to join a runstreak. Ever. Why would I give up my big X day of indulgence!? Until this winter. When I found myself Tweeting that I was in. I needed the group hug of a community this holiday season to get me out the door. I don't know why, but I just did. I hung onto #rwrunstreak for all I was worth. And I made it!

Most Surprising
One mile days are refreshing and actually worth getting out there for. Turns out one mile is better than no miles.

Being featured on runnersworld.com as a streaker! Life dream realized. 
first of many 1-mile days, day 4

Best Day
Christmas light run fueled by classic Amy Grant Christmas album. And the 5.5 through my old stomping grounds: Whitinsville, MA.

Worst Day
3 miles: running sick and feverish in 7ยบ degree Vermont day. Walked up one hill. Not ashamed.

not actual day, but another equally rough moment as captured by my sister

One Mile Days
Way more than I planned on, due to being sick, tired or a big baby.

Highest Mileage Day
Probably 5.5 I didn't write any mileage down.

Most Glitter Covered
Girls on the Run 5k with my two running buddies.
Number of Awkward Selfies Taken
Too many. 

Have you ever streaked? I mean 'runstreaked'... How'd it go?


  1. I've never run streaked because like you I enjoy having a rest day. That being said, I also would consider myself pretty injury prone and the moment I started taking a rest day weekly I stopped getting some many little aches and pains.

    I'm proud of you for making it through. The instagram video was my all time favorite. I can also really relate to that miserable snowy, cold Vermont run. Just thinking about running NY again makes me cold.

  2. I love the comment that one mile is better than no miles! I did the RW run streak last summer and I've embarked on a 365 day streak with my running group for the kids at St. Jude. I might be in over my head but a mile is easy compared to cancer!

  3. I did the RW run streak and I loved it… until I hated it, which happened around day 25. I ended up changing a lot of my 1 mile run days to 1 mile walk days, which is probably considered cheating but I decided it was better than nothing. Plus, a lot of those days I was trying to get my 1 mile in after already being outside and active all day (hiking, skiing, etc.). I'm glad I gave it a go, but I probably wouldn't do it again. Although it did give me the motivation to get outside during a week of -20 degree days!

  4. I have actually just started my own running streak, was supposed to start on Jan 1 but I was so sick I couldn't get off the couch so I started on January 2nd and I am running every day til my birthday on February 18th. Wish me luck! I'm hoping I succeed!
    Great job on your running streak!

  5. Amy Grant has the greatest Christmas albums. And, good work making it through the streak!

    My friend Sue and I were the founders of the #RWRunStreak back in 2011, and I believe the two of us only made it through the whole thing that once. (I did the summer one in 2012 also -- Memorial Day to July 4th -- and that was the last one.) I can only do it when it's my primary goal. If I'm training for something else, nope -- I need my rest days.

    So stoked that the streak lives on, though! It's exciting that it's caught on so much.


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