ranting about running rants!

This week Chad Stafko wrote an essay in the Wall Street Journel, "OK, You're a Runner. Get Over it."  And, meh, as a runner I've been dealing with misdirected anger for years. This essay is essentially the written version of getting trash thrown at me while running in the small New England town I grew up in. Which happened 4 more times than I wish it had. I can only imagine the driver being like, "Look at that asshat doing something that I don't understand, in front of me! I'm going to throw my McDonalds leftovers at their head. They're asking for it."

What is confusing to me is how did this directionless, angry verbal dump get published as a WSJ essay? This is just some dude's angry rant about nothing. Bumperstickers? And reflective gear? A rant about how much he hates that people are running in public… because obviously they are just screaming for attention? 

It's like some weird rant you'd hear from your bitter, drunk uncle at Christmas after you accidently said you started running. "I bet you're running to get more likes on Facebook… blah, blah, blah!!"

And let's be honest you could replace "runner" with anything…."painter", "rock climber", "math teacher". If you show too much flair for anything you're bound to find a Bitter Betty who hates you for it. Because some people's passion is hating other people's passion. 

If you haven't read it by some Christmas miracle, save the click and just read Mark Remy's translation. It's so much better. 

Me? I'm going to blow off steam running down the middle of the street in my neon reflective tutu! 


  1. Had to laugh at your last line. I have my first half marathon this weekend and am planning to wear a neon pink tutu - I took it out on a test run this afternoon:)

  2. Exactly. I have all the love for this post.

    You wear your reflective tutu and I'll just go streaking...

  3. Even when I wasn't a runner and I would see a runner running I always thought "I want to be you!" now if I were injured and saw a runner running there is a good chance I will think they suck.

    1. Been there for sure. It sucks seeing other runners running when you're on the sidelines. I always want to yell, "I hope you appreciate your run!!"

  4. Running has changed many peoples lives. It is a form of therapy, a moving meditation and for many people it has freed them from a life of food, alcohol and drug addiction. For him to say that people do it just for attention, is not only small minded it makes him look like a cranky jackass. I can't believe that WSJ published such a petty article.

  5. Ha! Great post!

    Having said that, the ONLY thing I agree with regard to Stafko's rant is the disdain for the 26.2 and 13.1 oval bumper stickers. Not a fan!

  6. YES! I personally hate the family window decals. I mean, why should people get to parade around their three kids in the car and brag about having said three kids. Plus, they take them into Starbucks and they get in my way when I'm trying to order my post-long run nonfat, sugar-free mocha with one pump of PSL in a red cup. Whatever. I'm going to fashion a pair of shorts out of my cotton race tees so that the 5K and 10K distances are plastered on my bum.

    Note: Probably not as funny in real life as this is in my head but I'm six days into recovering from a crap marathon and only logged 3 miles this week.


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