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It's a sale on sale weekend on (use code: flyfall for extra 25% off sale). And your insider tip from me, it's a doozy. I got to add some of my favorite products to the sale section. It's all friggin great gear, but here are my top picks:

Two zip pockets, one key pocket so you can stash all the snacks you need...

Runfinity Scarf
I was born without style, so everything I know I learned from my little sister when she arrived 5 years later. Her #1 tip: accessorize. And an infinity scarf is a no-brainer way to look like you spent time on your outfit. Loop, loop, done. Runfinity has a secret message just for runners. FYI: This is the first and possibly only time this scarf will land in sale.

Graphic Tees
My love for graphic tees is uncontainable. And two of my favorite designs are in sale: Crane Scoop, and Typesetter. After meeting the Oiselle 50/50 my old tech tops found their way to the trash. Why should runners get the dumpiest gear?? I can sweat the shite out of these tees and they just wick like champ. Or just like a tech top without the shiny, cold, nasty tech top feel. 

Essential for running happiness. Don't fear the armwarmers, as I did for years. They are your best friend. 

Lesko and High 10! Because who isn't going to hit the dreadmill or yoga class this winter? 

These shorts are unlike any short I've worn. Long without being too long. But you could do a serious downward dog in these things, or a squat, without feeling exposed. Butterfly stretch in public? Yep. And if you sign up for a trail run, these are your uniform. Trail races aren't for buns, shorty shorts or fluff. You need a zip pocket and you'll feel more at home with an extra inch of fabric. Trust me. (Hello, diamond rogas also on sale! #rogarevolution) 

You will live in this pant. It comes in long and regular, has a zip pockets and I can promise you my booty doesn't always look that good. Booty magic, no lie. 

Who am I kidding? My picks are ... everything, but these are some of my favorites that were just added.  You can't go wrong. My last insider tip would be some of these styles will be gone after Sunday (like Stellar Stripe Tank) so get ya mits on 'em while you can. 


  1. I really hate you for posting this. The arm warmers are my favorite. I don't need to splurge on anything else and yet here I go to buy more things.

    Do you run in the straight leg pants? I've been debating that but couldn't imagine the bottoms flapping around.

    1. To be 100% honest I haven't run in the straight leg pant. I throw them on over my stride or flyte shorts to go to the gym. Or I just wear them to work. I love the Lesley Tights too much to run in much else...

  2. Eek. Is it weird that I like my stride shorts on the trail?! :)

  3. The minute I saw the tweet about the sale, I immediately went and shopped! Can we say my bank account took a hit today! lol

  4. Thanks for your tips about the sale! The distance shorts are my favorite because of the pockets! ...looking forward to getting some of the run pants for the winter!


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