NYC Fashion Week - Oiselle Bird Machine

Next Monday I head to NYC to for Fashion Week! I can't believe I'm writing that. This has been a bucket list item for years and years. And I'm not just going to people watch. Nope. I am walking a runway.

Oiselle is debuting our S14 collection at Nolcha Fashion Week. Nolcha is a show for up-and-coming collections. The runway show will be at 1:30pm on September 11 on Pier 59! I am pinching myself. Catwalk here I come!

Of course I'm not the only real runner hitting the RUNway. JJ, Lesko, Fleshman and Kate will be strutting too!

Yesterday we started our model training, hard. With instruction from Miss J, naturally. Check out the Behind the Scenes footage:

And follow along as I hit the big apple as one very amatuer model!


  1. This is awesome! Those issues of Elle are serious business. Have a blast in NYC!

  2. Ha. Love the video. You're years getting even better! Dream big and big things happen :)

  3. This is awesome! So cool! I love Oiselle's running clothes, I need more money so I can buy more running tops & shorts lol
    Love the video by the way!

  4. I am probably way too excited about this. I can't wait to see photos, tweets, and hopefully videos! You girls are all going to rock. Showing off runner's clothes on runner's bodies is the way it should be.

    Will you get a chance to see any of the other shows?

  5. So exciting! I'll see you at the after party! :)

  6. Just read a few of your posts....funny! Especially your last marathon recap. I am so happy I found your blog! New reader!! - Megg


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