out of the pits!

I got to the bottom of life's pits! And I'm happy to report I survived...

The night I wrote my armpit blog, I got my big girl pants on and rode the ElliptiGO home. About 4 miles from my door, I got in a nasty wreck with a bicyclist. Mentally I was in a bad place and I unloaded all my rage on this unsuspecting bike commuter. It was his fault and he was riding like a complete *bleep-bleep-motha-bleepin'* stoner. But tearing into a dude down under the 99 bridge in front of an audience of homeless people waiting for their meal at the soup kitchen isn't really how I imagine my best self.

Owen picked me and my mangled ElliptiGO up in SODO and I guess that was rock bottom. I was exhausted but knew I'd completely lost my shit and it was time to get it back together, even if running was off the table. Every day since that wreck things have gotten better and better.

I've crawled out of the armpits of life! The two weeks I spent in there were NOT two weeks I had to spare in this training circuit. But I'm looking forward, and pretending that weeks 6 and 7 were supposed to be 25 mile weeks fueled only by pain, self pity and vicodin.

It wasn't all my amazing outlook that got me out of the pits (sarcasm). I also changed my shoes entirely. Took out my ancient shreds of orthodics and traded them for pronation-stability shoes with an added arch support insert. Game changer. My PT has been working to change my running form, and it's working. So what used to work for me, no longer was.

I ramped my mileage right back up. Trying to be smart, but truthfully I don't have time to be too cautious. I have to ride the line between pain and injury. If it works the pay off could be big. Back to work...


  1. WOOHOO! This is great to hear - I mean, not the mangled ElliptiGO part, but the running part. Due to scoliosis I have a pelvic tilt. Thankfully a very thorough electrode-and-video laden analysis, some PT appointments and new shoes later later, my recurring injuries are nearly but a memory and I've definitely gotten faster.

    Here's to the up and up, taking flight!

    (By the way, gotta love the ElliptiGO. There's just something about it's appearance that's just... happy? Missy's got a yellow one and whenever I see it it makes me smile a little.)

    1. Hehe! It is a happy little machine. I love the ElliptiGO and the people behind it :) Awesome to hear how you've progressed!

  2. Yay, glad to hear that you've figured out some fixes and are back on the upswing :)

  3. Woo! That's awesome that you're out of the pits :) And I've got my fingers crossed for you to stay out!

  4. A bike vs ElliptiGo crash sounds pretty intense. Glad you're okay! I bet a PT would have a field day with my running form. Glad things are turning around for you!

  5. This sis so inspiring and I'm glad to hear you are okay. Hopefully the fine line gets you great results and with your PT I'm sure they will. :-)


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