glow on!

Okay, a lot of rad things have happened in my life but nothing quite compares to having a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt featuring my running silhouette being sold on I've peaked at 30. Ta-da.

Just like me all this runner graphic needs is some sunshine (or bright light) for a few minutes and boom: glow-in-the-dark power.

seriously! glow-in-the-dark!
Running makes my life glow... and here are few other random things that make my life glow too:

Sweet, smooth 70s jams and their corresponding album covers. Yes, that Steven Stills cover is part of my home decor. 

Owen Robinson and all the awkward couples pictures we've taken. So. Many. 

Hot summers.


My Oiselle family.

Living outside.
Running when it's too hot outside.

Doesn't really matter the season ... just put me OUTSIDE!

I guess that really came full circle. What makes you glow??


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  2. Can they put your silhouette on an album cover?! EPIC.

  3. Love that gray dress! And the striped skirt with fuzzy sweater... no wonder they put your silhouette on a t-shirt, you've got great fashion sense!

  4. Great post! I especially like the last couple of sentences.... "doesn't really matter the season...just put me OUTSIDE!" You sound like me!!
    Congrats on the shirt too! Can't wait to get one.


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