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Okay so yeah, it's been about a month since I signed on for marathon #3, admitted I'm chasing a sub 2:43 despite the fact that 3 weeks ago I almost pooped my pants on a 6 mile run...what's shaking now? Short answer: a lot. Long answer: read on....

A couple weeks ago I headed to Iowa to watch the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. It was thrilling and completely inspiring. My days were filled with running, lifting and then heading over to Drake for hours of track spectating. Absolute heaven. Yes there were a couple 1am work nights in there, and I was one tired puppy when we headed home. But it was amazing. I'll look back on this trip as a favorite forever.

And getting to watch THREE badass women racing for Oiselle. Pinch me. This was me all day:

check out the Oiselle blog for way more USA action
One morning, before the meet, I met my coach for :75 on/offs and completely blew up. I warmed up way too fast, way too long. I was just so high on the excitement. But by the 3rd :75 I was completely imploding. Freezing cold despite the 85ยบ humid weather... so after the 5th repeat we pulled the plug. It was defeating. Here I had a chance to prove I wasn't a shot in the dark, and I basically threw out the worst workout I've had all year. I was hard on myself even though I knew it was my first speed after the marathon and of course I wasn't going to be fresh. I just wanted to show up big. Fail.

He was encouraging, gave a me a couple Wharton DVDs to follow for strength and stretching and an extra stretching rope. As I ran back to my hotel carrying all my loot I was on fire to do this right. 

I didn't think I could be any hungrier, but this workout left me starving for success. Now I'm fully our of recovery and attacking my plan. I'm training hard and I'm training smart. Miles are ramping up and in the last two weeks I've had two great workouts. My confidence was shaky after that first workout flop and I was extremely nervous before both these workouts. But once I got running I felt strong and ran under pace easily for both.

Yesterday was my first big day back. I ran an easy 8 miles in the morning, then hit the track after work for a workout 3x2 miles. Hitting a solid 19 miles for the day. It felt good. My plan is about much more than the miles though. I know I need to do every single small thing to find those 11 minutes in Chicago.

My life/run/work balance has shifted. But knowing I only have 15 weeks of this, I'm hanging on hard. I find time to be with my husband, spend time with people I love. But my casual social life is basically down to 0. After work happy hour? What's that? Just the phrase 'after work' can be a little foreign these days unless it ends with 'sleep'.

Every weekend of this summer is packed with fun plans. While it's hard to remain serious about training in the face of summer relaxation and day drinking, I'm taking it day by day. I remind myself that the fun is in the training. Which it really, really is.

Last weekend we kicked off the summer with a trip to the Oregon Coast with Owen's family. Easy to get miles done in such a beautiful place! And yoga while sunbathing totally counts.

Oiselle Wee Bird models on vacation...
Doing some cross training while Owen gets some help...

Adorable photobomb by Gus.

Last sunset...

Plyometrics. Obviously.
Tomorrow I'm headed to Eastern Washington for some glamping! It's our first anniversary. I'll have to find a place to get 17 miles in on Sunday... ahh always a challenge.


  1. Oh I'm so jealous! I would have loved to go to watch Track & Field because that is how I started running! Now that I live in the Kansas I keep forgetting I'm a lot closer to all these events! :) I have to check their schedule! Love the pics on the beach. Have fun glamping! It lloks like it will be fun!

    Asphalt & Trails


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