the week in pictures

A week in pictures. I'd say this week isn't typical, but that'd be a lie. No wonder I'm tired!

We are lucky enough to know someone who sails! Last Friday we headed out on the water for a few hours, soaking up the last of a very warm week. We were followed by a whole bunch of little dolphins, but they were camera shy.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to run and do some recon on West Seattle garage sale day before the sales started. Everyone was setting up and I found a bed frame for $50! Score. Didn't fit in the car though, luckily I know a pretty strong dude. We spent the rest of the morning walking around West Seattle and rifling through peoples stuff. Garage sale day is the best.

After garage sale day it was off to a Kachaala! A Ugandan pre-wedding ceremony... sort of like a public proposal. My friend since middle school, Joel, met his future wife in Uganda. They will have a wedding there and in the states.

We all got traditional Ugandan party clothes to wear. I think they wear these dresses to important events, like weddings. The food was perfect runner fuel: yams, rice, bread, fruit... delish!

Saw Gatsy late on Saturday at The Big Picture. Did my last long run (15 with 3 at mgp) on Sunday.

Monday Fast K8 is in town!! I creeped this photo of her doing drills at Roosevelt.

Wedesday was Oiselle's Fall 2013 photoshoot. My first time directing solo. Phew, what a fun day! But I was exhausted after we wrapped. I'm so excited to share the photos!

Was running by 4:45am (11 miles with :75 on, :75 7:00 pace x 16). Wrapped the shoot at 5:30pm. In bed by 8:30pm. My life in a nutshell...

Lauren steaming all 70+ looks. Like a boss.

Oiselle as street wear... what?! Kate and I came up with rad street style outfits combining Oiselle and J.Crew. Katie is playing with a few pieces below. Those pants need to come home with me...

Not the most restful taper week, hopefully all I do is sleep this weekend! How was your week?


  1. Can't wait to see the pics and what I'll be wishing for in the fall!

  2. This week was loooong for me too! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  3. Can't wait to see the fall line!


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