last long, long, long run

Saturday was my last long run with a capital L. 22. I headed down to Tacoma with Owen on Friday night. Stayed with his parents (my 'in-laws', but that sounds so ugly). My weekend plan was three four fold: long run with Allison on Saturday, relax with family, cheer Megan on while she ran the Tacoma Marathon on Sunday and ... clean my filthy car. Check, check, check and check.

Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed, ate my oatmeal, put my shorts on one leg at a time... normal stuff. Headed over to Point Defiance to run at 10am, afternoon by runners' standards. I wanted to get some 'heat' training in. We did 11 on the trails, then 5 mile drive and at 14 miles started what was supposed to be 8 at 6:20-6:30 pace.... which turned into 6 miles at nearly sub 6:00s with a 2 mile cooldown. Oops.

Allison was great company, I wish she lived closer. She's faster than me, and it's fun to chase the bunny. I am excited to follow her race times this year, she has big things in store for her.

I lolled around the rest of the day. We had some friends over for burgers, beers and s'mores at night. It was the perfect faux summer day in Tacoma.
milo: professional loller
Sunday AM, I got up at 6:30am, cooked some eggs and planned my cheer attack for the morning. Got to see Megan 3 times before 13 and even drove along side blasting Eye of the Tiger out my windows. The weather was amazing for spectators, which of course means it was too damn hot for marathoners. Bummer. But she had grit!

smiling at mile 10

I never stand silently waiting for "my runner". It only takes one race to make you realize how lame that is. People just standing there, silenting watching you roll by. I'd take Booing over that. If you feel weird cheering, here are some go-tos "You look strong (insert color) shirt!!!!". If there's a group, "That's right!!! Work together!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!" If (and only if) you standing within 200m of the finish, "You're ALMOST there!!" 

Tacoma Marathon has that small town feel and the runners looked stunned by random cheers. But SO happy. And what was funny is like 70% of the runners would look right at us and say thank you. A first for sure. Classy racers.

Oh yeah and my car got cleaned, that baby's squeaky.


  1. "If (and only if) you standing within 200m of the finish, "You're ALMOST there!!" "

    YES. And unless the finish line is around a really sharp turn, "almost" doesn't apply UNTIL YOU CAN SEE IT. :)

    I always feel a bit bad for (hypothetical) runners who don't pay attention to distance markers or have a Garmin, and instead rely on the inconsistent and overly-optimistic "Almost!" cheers of the crowd. [Although I'm not sure any runners like that exist, really.]

  2. I couldn't agree more about the silent cheerers! I was at the NJ Marathon this past Sunday and we were the ONLY ones yelling stuff out.. I felt so awkward! I also had a woman across the street from me at one point yelling to the runners they were almost there (for the half)... it was mile 11. If I didn't have to cross the sea of runners, I would have run over to tell her that was not an acceptable cheer, haha!

  3. The Twin Cities Marathon race guide actually has a "cheer suggestion" section that says, "Save the 'You're almost there!' cheer until the very end - a few miles is still a long way for someone who has been running for hours." Actually, the whole cheer guide for this race was full of gems.

    Also, spectating isn't fun unless you're doing it 500%. Who wants to stand there and stare?

  4. One girl told me I was almost there when I was at mile 8. I wanted to punch her. Thanks for the cheers, the Rocky inspiration and the photos. You guys were the best!

    1. Haha. If I do a how-to-cheer blog, I should name it "How to Not get Punched in the Face" I don't want to hear "almost there" until the line is in sight. Everything else is just a lie. Also "KEEP RUNNING!!" is a lame excuse for direction or cheering.

  5. I love the random cheers! Nothing is more of a letdown then running by and people just looking at you like...You aren't who I am looking for... :-)


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