happy marathon may!

The Vermont City Marathon has edged its way onto my calendar view. May 26th! It's coming for me. Or I'm coming for it.

Here's what I've been up to:

I'm feeling super fit though! Super fit, super sore, super tired...ready for my taper tantrums. I think...

Found the Vlog of advice Sally and I came up with last year for Marathon Month. All I can see are my highlights and lipstick... who has the time!? Who!??! Sorry, pre-taper tantrum. Alright off to eat and ice bath. Maybe at the same time. Don't judge. 


  1. I LOVE this video! I should probably play it for the hubs and the entire family at some point.

    But on to bigger and better things - go rock this month and taper like the Diva you are!

  2. so. very. funny. and true!
    I have one mucho importando question for mac: what color is your sparkly bic band?? it looks beautiful!

  3. Haha....during my taper I just rediscovered that I own makeup and non-stretchy clothes!

  4. this is hysterical!! I can't believe I'm just finding it now.

    Actress as back up career???


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