Boston Marathon Obsessed...

This year my excitement over the Boston Marathon is out of control. I'm looking forward to my one-two Sunday-Monday punch of half marathon racing and Boston spectating like I haven't looked forward to anything in a long time. Neither one complete without the other. Because crying tears of excitement* into my coffee will be even better with race-sore muscles.

*long ass side note: public crying ranks on my top 2 most hated things to participate in. I don't care what's happening, I don't want to be caught crying in public. Ever. But in Houston, watching the Olympic Trials Marathon it was like a lifetime of pent up tears decided to flow. I couldn't open my mouth to cheer for ANYONE without having to control my sobbing. I mean that race was raw, and to embrace the hippy side of me, the vibe was so strong you couldn't help but be overtaken with emotion. I still hate public crying, but the marathon takes me down. Every. Single. Time. 

So if Shalane pulls into the lead and charges down Bolyston to victory. I will lose my sh*t. I'll lose it anyway. Let's be serious.

I'm dying to be in Boston, but thank gawd for the world wide web. I'm trying to tap into the energy via Twitter updates from Boston and reading every article, snippet I can get my eyeballs on.

Jump down the Boston Marathon internet rabbit hole with me!

  • Boston Globe online= best marathon round up of interviews, history, expo events + much more. 
  • #mustfollow: @thescreamtunnel! Wellesley College is infamous for the Marathon Monday SCREAM TUNNEL. Now in the modern day, you can follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook and best of all you can even ask them to make a sign for you.
  • Best fun fact round-ups: Boston Globe + Women's Running
  • Best plan to cheer? Wellesley! Right after the Scream Tunnel at GettiGear with the Oiselle flock (bagels, drinks, posterboard for all the signs you're dreaming up, giveaways + the #pickybird: LAUREN FLESHMAN). Get there

Speaking of meeting running celebs here's an incomplete list: 
  • Lauren Fleshman:  2-4pm 110% Play Harder booth, 4-5pm Runner's World booth. If you're wearing 110% or Oiselle snap your picture with her for her blog round up. 
  • Katherine  Switzer: Booth # 2335 on Fri, April 12 from 2-6; Sat, April 13 from 1-6; Sun, April 14 from 1:15-3. Also on Sunday is the Runners World Legends Panel free from noon-1.
  • Kim Jones: Running Times Booth, Saturday 4/13 1-2pm
  • Meb Keflezighi: Sketchers booth, Saturday 4/13 1 -3pm

Alright I'm in a panic, because I have a shakeout jog to do for my half marathon tomorrow. And as usual I'm about 2 hours behind. 

To those of your running Boston, GOOD LUCK! Enjoy! 

BOSTON FLASHBACK: my mama, running last 10 miles with my grandfather (tony) in 1979


  1. I love that picture of your mom and grandpa!

    Also I'm really comforted to know there are others who sob when they spectate the marathon. I thought there was something wrong with me. My family makes fun of me every year! Thank you for publicly admitting this!!

  2. I totally cry when I watch marathons. I've even caught myself welling up with tears at different points when I'm running them, and not even from exhaustion or pain (at least I don't think so). I think it's just that unspoken runner's bond, you know what they're going through and how they're feeling, how much of an accomplishment it is, etc. We're all a little bit crazy, it's okay. I love that picture of your mom & grandpa - so awesome! Good luck racing today!!!


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