week in miles and photos

sunday - 19 (6 easy, 6 steady, 6 mgp, 1 cooldown)
monday - 8 easy
tuesday - rest
wednesday - workout (2 x 4 mile tempo) 11 total
thursday - 10 easy
friday - 11 with 10 x 200m hills thrown in the middle
saturday - 20 
Total: 80 miles

This week was rounded out with double long runs. My buddies, Josh and Dave, were headed to Sammamish River Trail for 20 miles easy. I wanted some flat miles, change of scenery and time to hang out with friends I don't often see. The downside was they were going on Saturday afternoon. Which gave me two quality workouts back to back. I asked my coach what he thought and he said: ice bath on Friday, ice bath on Saturday. Recovery is key. Sooo... I think that means, oy vey, fine go for it if you're smart about it. 

We ran it a little fast, (7:25s), but it was pancake flat and talking was easy. So maybe it's just that Seattle hills skew my pace-perception. It was a beautiful day, 65 and sunny. Great company, and a good shake up to my routine. 

sammamish river trail,  photo credit 
The rest of the weekend was recovery. Relaxed on Saturday night, slept in past 7:30am today. The big event of the day was walking down to the farmers market. I napped in the afternoon and did a 6 mile shake out. Which was pretty brutal, reminding me that yes, yesterday could have been slowed down. But also 20 miles just brings that very specific pain. 19 doesn't hit it. 20... is just something different. I did another ice bath this afternoon.

taking a tip from these bebe bunnies: recover

only thing missing are tiny bunny pals...

Owen and I dyed eggs tonight. A little late but, hey, it's still Easter. For Easter dinner we enjoyed oysters and wine that we'd picked up at the Farmers Market. 

wine and oysters from washington state
nothing like shucking your own oysters...tastes like summer
 A post dinner walk turned into a race to see the sunset at our favorite lookout. 
made it just in time!
How was your weekend? Long run?


  1. Looks like a beautiful run!! I did a 15 mile trail run on Saturday and an 8 mile flat run on Sunday to loosen back up.

    Beautiful sunset!! I miss the mountains!

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend I am jealous. I have been following your blog a bit. I really enjoy finding how other runners balance life, work and training. Unfortunately I had to work most of the weekend, but I did manage one last LR with a friend around Bellingham Bay on Saturday. I am in the taper tantrum part of marathon training......I hate this piece.


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