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I added a circle to help you in the Where's Mac game... the winner is lined up right behind the devil. yep.
Yesterday I lined up to run the St. Patty's Day Dash in Seattle. This race has a huge turn out, one of the biggest in the country we were told between 'bring back our Sonics' cheers at the starting line.

I was going into the race relaxed but ready to get into some pain. My instructions, verbatim, were: go out hard but controlled for the first two, then come back like they're running out of Guinness. Luckily when you hit the 2 mile mark it's all downhill. Or not so lucky for me, I think a couple of hills would have brought the first and second women back to me to a bit.

I was in fourth until 1.5 miles, having a small conversation with myself about where I should be. I decided I should stop being a pansy and place top 3, so I gunned it past third. Making sure to look suuuuper relaxed like, whatever, I can go even faster. Tricks aren't just for kids.

I watched first and second battle ahead of me (one dressed in a tutu and one dressed in buns and crop top). I thought I'll let them battle and start my gain. I made two tactical errors. I didn't look at the course and assumed the finish would be at the start. Which lead to error two, not laying it out soon enough. I'm not sure I could have caught them, but I should have closed the gap a bit more. And in general I need to pretend I can win any race I line up at, why not?

I had fun racing the entire time. Even the last painful 800. I felt smooth and strong and ready to make moves. And as the woman across the line took my name down, I saw PRIZE MONEY!! Whaaaat? I had no idea.

Of course it was burning a hole in my pocket even though I had yet to receive it in the mail. I've been dreaming of upgrading my DSLR. I've had the same Craigslist-bought Nikon D40 for five years. Yesterday night, after a great dinner of corned beef and cabbage with the in-laws in Tacoma, we stopped off at Target where the Nikon D3100 was marked down $100 and I brought that baby home.

I couldn't sleep so I roamed around the apartment trying out all the settings, reading the manual and dreaming up all the adventures we'd go on. Sadly, I had no where to go last night so here's some photos of my living room!  Stunning.


  1. huge congrats mac!!! hope you got that guiness, too :)

  2. Congratulations! That is super awesome!

  3. Congratulations, Mac!! And can't wait to see all the awesome pics you take with your new babay.

  4. Way to go! Nice use of prize monies too! :)

  5. i nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  6. Congrats on the race and so exciting about the Nikon! I love DSLRs, although I've only played with a friend's camera. :)


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