going to california...

After making the tough call not to run the San Diego Half I still headed down for a hit of vitamin D and to hang out with Sarah, who was generous enough to take this relative internet stranger in for 28 hours. 

I guess Led Zepplin said it best, I was going to California with an aching in my heart. Although no woman has been smoking all my stuff or drinking all my wine. Thank the good lord, I was drinking all my own wine. Friday night I was low. Just lolling around the house. Owen and I took a late night walk to look at the Seattle city lights from California Avenue. The next morning I headed out. 

To say I'm glad I went down to Cali is an understatement. It was just the shake-up I needed. Getting to know Sarah was a lot of fun. It was refreshing to just click with her especially because we didn't really, really know each other before hand. Only knew each other's avatars.

Saturday I went for an easy (hard) 5 miles along the beach with Sarah. And then chilled out the rest of the day. I wasn't feeling 100% and ladder golf at one point was too much of a push for me. Weak sauce. I hate being sick. I find it completely humiliating.

Sunday I got 10 miles in. I ran slowly and took breaks when I needed them. Then we got into some Oiselle shenanigans, a beach photoshoot and hit some cross training on the beach cruisers.

Missing an "A" race was tough. But it was what it was. I've revamped my spring racing plan, recharged and proven once again that the people you meet on the internet aren't ax murders. This blogging community we have here... is exceptional. And runners, in my biased opinion, are the best people on earth. 


  1. "Amen!" from someone who is a total stranger internet or otherwise. But someone who also agrees that it's awesome to know (or 'know') people who'll help you shake out of a slump, when necessary.

    Glad you went. Glad you got to cruise the beaches. Glad your confidence in internet-folks was affirmed.

    One thing I haven't yet figured out, though: Is it that only the awesomest people run, or does running actually make people awesome? :)

  2. Glad you had a great weekend! I'm sad I didn't meet the SoCal runner/blogger community before I moved back to FL. They look like a fun bunch! Sometimes an unexpected break is just the thing we need to show us that we've been hitting the hammer too hard Nice .gifs! haha

  3. I wish I could have exchanged Seattle for Cali, I can almost feel the warmth from your pictures!

  4. Looks like you and Sarah had a blast! I would love to meet her one day, she totally cracks me up on her blog!

  5. Too bad we can't thank the good lord you were eating your own PB&J. Will avoid dining guests at Happy's deli counter in the future...

    So glad you came down - my turn for a SEA visit next.

  6. From one Seattle girl to another, any chance to get out & explore the California sunshine is worth it!

    Sounds like the visit was exactly what you needed to recharge your batteries. Hope you're feeling better!


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