best laid plans. *%$#

This week I was ready for peak week, pre-race tune up week. Oh boy, were you all in for a doozy of a blog post all about eating well, sleeping well, easy workouts, getting geared up. Until Monday when, within hours, I went from functioning human to complete flu baby. Slept all day Tuesday, no exaggeration, and barely returned to the living by Thursday. Awesome.

don't worry I'll still show you a picture of salad. #peakweek

I held out emailing the race director until after a test run on Thursday, which made it clear that my coach's declaration of 'NO racing' was the right answer.

There is one part of me learning a lesson and making a smart decision.
"You're too sick to make it three 9 minute miles without puke inducing cough attacks. Mmm yeah."
There is second part of me throwing a tantrum.
"Friiiiiig! This is part of your barely scrapped together plan. Mother trucker! C'mon just run it you sissy, you'll be fine!!"
And there is some tiny obnoxious third part of me being a total a$$hole.
"Stop making such a big deal out of everything. See, *this* is why we shouldn't care about running again. Disappointment. We've done this dance before. Boring... now pass the wine."
I'm going to let part one and two exist, even if they battle it out for a few days, but part three has got to go. Because part three isn't a genuine part of me. It's a cheat and liar. And it's a waste of time.

I decided to go to California anyway, I need to get from under this moldy blanket (sorry Seattle, it's just how I feel right now). I was going to find a cheap hotel in Long Beach, where I'm flying in and out of, and just hang out. But fellow Oiselle runner, Sarah, offered me a better, less sulky option of her staying with her. I'm looking forward to low key running, getting to know a teammate and possible Oiselle shenanigans. 

Doesn't mean I wasn't wide awake last night listing every possible half marathon, 10k and marathon between now and November. I am so ready to race. Being patient with my recovery is going to be hard. But hopefully taking the time to plan out my next half year or so of racing will help. 


  1. Well crap! Sorry you can't race - but have fun in California and enjoy hanging out!

  2. I feel ya, Sarah. I pushed through being sick for 3 weeks (and they were probably the worst workouts I've run since high school) only to find out today that I have mono. So, way to listen to your body and respect its need for healing. I've been having the same daily battle between parts one and two, and I wasn't quite so smart about it. But, here's to health and both of us coming back stronger!

  3. Listening to your body is hard, but the right thing to do. I'm always frustrated when my body & the world conspire against all of my fabulous plans. ;-) Wishing you a speedy recovery & hope you enjoyed SoCal! Bring the sun back to Seattle with you, please!

  4. Sorry Sarah...I ran it and I ran it sick and it sucked...big time
    I ended up in the medic tent..
    see you were smarter than me.
    I saw the pics and it looked like you had fun with Sarah!
    hope you are better !

  5. You're too sick to make it three 9 minute miles flexpetz without puke inducing cough attacks. Mmm yeah."


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