training for my second marathon

I've been so deep in marathon training, I haven't even had time get on the blog to toot my marathon horn. Toooooot, toooo- I'm going for the whole damn thing... again. 

Yes, again. In 2009 I signed up for, trained for, got injured before, took a month off, and ran/hobbled the Chicago Marathon. Exuberant. I cried the entire last quarter mile. So much happiness I couldn't find any other way to pour it out. 
ham sandwich,  hobo chic
enjoying mile 23 of chicago 2009
It was supposed to be how I finally quit this crazy sport. It was my final challenge. My last check mark on the running bucket list. Well that didn't go as planned. I accidently made friends with my internal fighter after all the years of trying to shut her up. 

Oh look there she is now...
enjoying mile 13 of the seattle half marathon 2012
If you asked me four years ago if I'd be competing, guts all out ever again, I'd say no. Absolutely not. That chapter in my life is closed. I only run for fun. I just don't have the fire. I'm too injury prone. And that would have been a lie, one I was trying to believe. Because if you've ever dealt with injuries... it's like being burned in a relationship. It was like running had left me at the alter over and over again. I lost the belief that I could ever compete again.

And if you'd asked me four months ago if I was going to do a marathon, again the answer would be no. I was focusing on half marathons. Which was true, until one morning I woke up and HAD to run a marathon. I waited for the urge to go away. No luck.

I had to own up to the feeling. I thought of where I wanted to chase this dream and immediately knew, Vermont. So I emailed Vermont City Marathon and asked if I could please come run their marathon. I explained my previous marathon PR isn't much to look at but I have a 1:19:11 in the half and a fire in my heart to race the flats off this thing. I waited for 13 days on pins and needles. Then I got an email, they offered me an invitation! I took me 25 days to work up the courage to sign up. 

But my name is there and I'm in my 5th week of training.

February 3 - February 9 | 61 miles
Sunday: 18 miles (4 warm up, 6 miles MP, 1 mile T, 3 MP, 1T, 1.5 MP, 2 cool down)
Monday: Easy 6.25
Tuesday: x
Wednesday: AM workout 2x(4x400) | PM Easy 4
Thursday: Easy 9
Friday: AM 20 minutes  | PM 20 minutes
Saturday: 5K race (17:19)


  1. YES! I'm so excited for you! And glad the fire is burning strong. Vermont is the perfect place to make that new PR happen...or at least that's what I'm telling myself! Can't wait to see you in VT in May!

  2. Tooot tooot!!! Here we go on our marathon endeavors! I'm super excited for you.

  3. That's exciting! I wish you the best of luck!

  4. The best thing about having children. Um, excuse me, that they grow up and do things that you no longer have to do! You can live THRU them. ;) So pumped for your re-entree to the marathon. Watch out Vermont...your fastest daughter is coming home!!!!

  5. Go for it :) I'll bet you crush it.

  6. Love everything about this post! You're going to rock it!!

  7. So awesome!! I'm sure you already know but I've heard such great things about this race. Perfect marathon to run!

  8. Exciting! Good luck, enjoy the 18 miler tomorrow and I'll be rooting for you!

  9. Good luck! That's great that you're pushing yourself to do a marathon again. The picture of you crying...I relate to that so much. And I'm not a speedy runner, so it's not a pretty cry like your pic.


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