race time: san diego half marathon

Time to book the spray tan, I'm headed to San Diego! On March 10th I'm racing the San Diego half marathon. I'm excited to get under the sun for a few hours. I fly in mid morning on March 9th, race on the morning of the 10th and I'm flying back to this wet blanket  Seattle the same night. Hopefully cheers-ing myself with a $7 mini merlot for a race well run. 

This is my first time flying to a race, first time getting set up with digs, a VIP start (bling, bling) and my first time heading to a race solo. I'm pretty friggin excited about the first three. When I heard about the race a couple other Oiselle girls were going to head down to race, which honestly was a lot of the pull. I thought it'd fun to have a sunny race meet-up. However, soon after booking my ticket they'd all pulled out for various reasons. Hence the solo migration. 

I'm looking forward to meeting other runners and seeing some of my Cali Oiselle teammates. Based on what I know about elite rooms at other races I assume I'll be sharing my hotel room with another runner. Never had that experience. Seems a bit pressure filled as my pre-race night is usually pretty sleepless. I picture us tossing and turning in our separate queen beds. Trying to get sleep so we can... race each other. #gulp

My training has been going well. I had one crazy week, capping my mileage at 79 (so close!!). Which is literally the highest mileage week of my entire life. High school, college, adult... what have you. One for the record books. But I didn't recover from key workouts. And I had a big week at work, which was invigorating so I didn't notice the negative affects of my overworked body. 

The next week I crashed. I felt like my entire body was fighting to stay awake. I could have fallen asleep standing up. I went to bed everynight at 8pm. I went through 4 days feeling completely drugged. I bounced back, but yeah 79 was followed by a week of 50 with two rest days. Lessons learned. 

In other news I found a 'mechanic'. A physical therapist, who actually thinks my flippy leg can be a thing of the past. If you've ever seen me run, you'll notice right away I have an awkward oar for a right leg. I get the most debilitating leg and side cramps on the right side. Everything is working way too hard over there. Until I met Julie, my mechanic, I was losing hope that I could get faster with the way my body worked. But a couple weeks later, I'm feeling very hopeful. I'm looking forward to seeing how I can perform in the half marathon with some of the mechical issues behind me. 

goodbye weirdo leg


  1. Good Luck and have the most wonderful time!!

  2. Good luck in SD! I can't believe someone else has an oar for a right leg. Me too. I'd love to hear what you learn from your mechanic!

  3. I love your blog! I started mine about 2 months ago based on my goal of running a thousand miles this year.

    Hope you check it out!

  4. My right leg's a loose oar, too. (It makes me look like a broken windmill when I run.) What did your mechanic recommend?? I'd love to know. I'm working with my DO on re-aligning some stuff, but it's such slow going.. I'd love to know what you're trying.

    Good luck in your race!

  5. get it girl! Wishing you the day you dream for down in SD!

  6. Love San Diego! Have a great time and good luck at the race! I am in dire need of visiting the LMT, but definitely not for a 79mi week. Mostly because I'm a failure at stretching.

  7. I will be there! way way behind you..... :)

  8. You should be so proud of 79 miles! That's a number with a lot of gusto, perseverance, determination, and drive to back it up. After I saw that you'll be flying solo, I got a sudden urge to "Bing: Travel" ...TBD ;)

  9. Good luck Sarah! You are going to rock this out!

  10. Delayed reaction, but: I, too, have a flippy right leg. If you do get it worked out, please share how you did it.

    My coach says my left leg is shorter than my right, which causes the flipping. I currently have a cheap, drugstore insole underneath the running shoe insole in all my left-foot shoes, to boost up my short leg.

    It seems to be helping the issues I have with my right hip, but recent race photos show the right leg continues to flip. Alas!


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