marathon maintenance

Marathon training would be easy if it were all about running. But to truly prep to race it you have to do the ... extra work. The tedious manintenance, the form drills, the.... stretching. 

I'm horrible at this stuff. Horrible. I spend more energy beating myself up about not doing it than it would take to actually just do it. 

There I admitted it. Now it's time to address it. 

My first baby steps
1. I stand on my incline board for 2 minutes while I brush my teeth every night. Keeps my gums happy, keeps my calves happy. 
2. I walk "creatively" to the water cooler once a day (lunge walk, pushup walk, side lunge walk).
3. I stretch once a day using my rope, even if it's just two stretches. 
4. I run hills (10 x 200m) on at least every other Friday run

the struggle to become a pigeon. arghhh hips!
Goals for next 4 weeks
1. Maintain above 1-3
2. Add strides 2 x week (tuesday + friday)
3. Use my gym membership 2 x week. PLAN the workout and actually effing do it. 
4. Stretch lateral muscles :25 minutes 3 x week. Use a iPhone yoga app?
5. DRILLS! Just once a week to start, strides in between drills. Could couple with stride days.

Experts! Marathoners! What am I missing? 


  1. You kind of cover it in goals 3.), but heavy weight training is probably going to help a lot:

  2. well you know way more about running than me but I make sure to foam roll a lot. other than that, you're doing pretty A-ok I'd say to get in the training and all the extras, too!

  3. I suck at doing all that stuff too. I'm really trying to get better though.

  4. mostly i just want to say that you are awesome.

    but also i want to say that i totally hear you and i am working on finding that balance too - especially when it comes to yoga/stretching and giving my body and spirit some slow down for some TLC. oh my goodness - pigeon!

  5. Hey Mac!

    I look like you when trying to do the pigeon pose. Will you do a post on the drills that you do? I use my teeth brushing time to do squats. The incline board would be a much better idea though.

  6. Oh the Pigeon! I love it... I am such a perfectionist that if I don't have time to do a full 20 minute routine then it just doesn't happen. Duh me... a little consistently is much better than a Bunch never!

    now to do some #plankaDays this week. EVERY day!


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