oiselle bird heads east

As mentioned in my 1am pondering post, I am headed to New England! Delta redeye from Seattle to Rhode Island. I'll be visiting running stores and showing the fall 2013 line with Anne, otherwise known as Mama MacKay.

I'd love to run or have coffee ... meet some of you who I only know as a tiny Twitter face and handle.

                             ILOVERMONT || Saturday (1/12) - Monday (1/14)                                                  
Staying in Shelburne and visiting various running stores during the day Monday. 

Sunday 1/13                                    

9:30AM - Meet at Shelburne Farms welcome center & farm store. Easy run, the more the merrier! I will have Oiselle swag and will be running with a couple of Oiselle Team members.

                             MASS  || Tuesday (1/15) - Wednesday (1/16)                                                            
Staying near Worcester, but traveling around. 

Tuesday 1/15                                  
Run meet up? Would love to head towards the Cape to see Rebecca TW!
Wednesday 1/16                                
Run meet up at Marathon Sports in Wellesley? Around 3pm?

                               Upstate NY || Thursday (1/17) - Friday (1/18)                                                           
Staying in Syracuse, I think. 

Are you around any of these areas? Interested in a run? I'll have Oiselle swag in tow and would love to meet you! 

Get in touch: @oiselle_mac or email me at sarah@oiselle.com or leave a comment!


  1. I'm so jealous, Shelburne Farms is one of the most beautiful places ever!! I'm NOT jealous of Worcester, however...

  2. So exciting! :) Wish I was a little bit closer to where you were going to be, and didn't have to work! Maybe this means I'll have to travel to Oiselle HQ sometime! :)


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