Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going Glamping

rock water secret cove
This weekend I'm taking Owen on a belated 30th birthday getaway. A friend was raving about Rock Water Secret Cove Resort this summer after she attended a wedding there. It sounded so peaceful and remote. I didn't think I'd have any excuse to book a trip there... until Owen laid out his birthday wishes: sauna, massage, remote, getaway. Now there's a plan I can get behind.

And to be honest Rock Water wasn't my first thought. My first thought was 'glamping', ya know, glamorous camping. To Google! Of course the place I was obsessed with was much more my style, and apparently it's not my birthday, so I had to give it up. But if anyone is up for teepee sleeping, wine drinking, running, glamping getaway next summer? Let's go!

cherry wood bed and breakfast - yakima valley
is this place even real? 
After I let go of my teepee/winery dreams, I remembered Rock Water. Boom. So we're booked for a fall getaway. This includes a couple tandem bliss massage which is the only part of the whole bit I'm anxious about. I'm that person that before the masseuse leaves the room asks like 3 times, " I take my clothes off?" "um, what about my bra?" I don't know... my conservative, anti-booty-wiggle, no-nudity, bodies-are-(somewhat)-shameful upbringing really comes out in those lavender infused massage rooms.  It's like I think the masseuse will walk back in the room and be like "OH my heavens! WHERE are your clothes? Oh, no, no, no" shake their head and leave.

Massage-nudity-anxiety aside, I'm looking forward to a beautiful long run around Halfmoon Bay.Doesn't the name just sound wonderful? Halfmoon Bay... on the Sunshine Coast.

See you next week!

Monday, October 15, 2012

cross training: spin class

This is exactly how I look in spin class. Sort of like the girl in the baby pink terry cloth bikini (?), except that I'm actually wearing rogas so drenched in sweat that it looks like I just crawled out of a lake. And my eyes are closed to block out the vision of the woman in front of me who is riding her spin bike so aggressively I'm afraid for her lady bits. Aaaaand my chin is constantly producing and shedding huge sweat droplets that fall to the ground with an almost audible 'plunk'. 

Last Thursday, after snoozing my alarm too many times, I ended up at the gym just as spin class was about to start. So I thought, why not? At 6am it's preferable to have someone else do the 'mental' work while I just hold on. Cross training leaves me zoning out, bored, and frustrated because I'm not running. 

What I didn't anticipate was how hard spin is. Yes, I know it's a go-at-your-own-level type of thing, but when someone is like "Alright push it! Give it just a little more! Get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! ARGGHGH!" I tend to push myself a little harder than I probably should on an easy day. 

I need spin class guidance! How do you use spin class? An easy day? A moderate day? I know how to use cross training when I'm injured but as a healthy runner I'm not sure where things stand. 

And what's up with the level of SWEAT going on? 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

run, rest, repeat

After the (disappointing) Bellingham Bay Half I stuck to the post race place I made last April. Heavy on recovery, light on celebration. I have spent a couple years using every half mary finish line as an excuse to take a couple weeks off, eat crappy food and generally become a sloth. Yeah, I think that's all good if it's the end of a 'season'. But I can't pull my party pants on after every finish line. Especially after that BB train wreck.
falling back...
So while I did relax on Sunday had a glass of good red wine, got a pedicure, pad thai for dinner (my usual little treats condolences) I was back on it the next day. I ran an easy hour on Monday, got a sports massage on Tuesday AM and hit the track Wednesday.

I was excited because after putting Bellingham Bay in my rearview it was time to actually start work with my coach. Which means 4 days a week running, 2 cross training and 1 off for the next 4-6 weeks. The 4 days of running are never less than 8miles and always quality.

Which this looks like
M - :60 minutes easy
T: massage + :60 pilates class
W: 8 x 800s
T: eliptical + weights
F: 12 miles easy
S: x
S: :65 minutes easy + :60 pilates

M: x sick
T: 8 miles + :60 pilates class
W: 4 x (4x400) + weights (arms)
T: :60 spin class

All about getting balanced and strong, making the running days count (no junk miles) and using cross-training for additional cardio.

I should say, I did let myself use the past weekend to reset, hang out with friends and stay up too late. We went to a show on Friday night at the Showbox, then headed to our friends' cabin for the rest of the weekend.

totally using that photo as our christmas card...
the worst part is: that dog beat me at idiot... like 7 times.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

running for team every mother counts

I am running my half marathon for something other than a PR. For someone other than myself. I'm running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon for Team Every Mother Counts on Sunday November 25th.

Earlier this fall you may have seen Oiselle's exciting announcement that we are the official apparel sponsor for Team EMC.  Or that Sally is running the NYC Marathon with the team. In fact the entire office has gotten behind the cause. Kristin, Jacquelyn, Sally and me are all running the Seattle half. Joined by Lesko and others.

birds for every mother counts

What Is EMC?

Every Mother Counts was founded in 2010 by non-other-than super goddess Christy Turlington Burns. Their mission is to reduce maternal mortality globally. To ensure all mothers have access to the care they need to have a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and strong baby. To stop the hundreds of thousands of deaths that could be prevented each year. They fund that change by directing 100% of the money someone like me raises to the appropriate programs.

You can learn much more about EMC, their mission and maternal mortality at
I found this information to be very powerful. (source

It's hard for me not to get all John Mayer 'Daughters' right now.  But I think as women: whether mothers, mothers to be or daughters it's easy to feel empathy for Every Mother Counts. At it's heart it's a very 'simple mission' with profound local and global affects. Which is why I'm here, ready to run for EMC.

How Can I Support EMC?

  1. You can pledge a donation to my Crowdrise. Seriously every single $5, $10 adds up. #everymilecounts If you're like me your friends are super active in the charity running world and it can add up. I have a goal of over $1,000 to reach pre-race. 
  2. Purchase a rad EMC hoodie, tee, spike bag... on Oiselle (40% of the proceeds goes to EMC!)
  3. Spread the word. Twitter, Facebook, talking over coffee with girlfriends, snail mail, whatever! Twitter handles to Follow, Mention and RT: @CTurlington @EveryMomCounts